Taste trail through Castellón

Taste trail through Castellón

Step through the doors of Castellón airport into a land with a rich and varied gastronomy built on the quality of its produce, both on the coast and further inland.

There’s a reason Castellón is considered the capital of the Mediterranean diet: eating well is in the local’s DNA.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to an initiative promoting the local gastronomy of this splendid coastal region – and we’re sure you and your palate will love it.

Taste the Excellence of Castellón’s Gastronomy

Imagine savouring a breakfast of toasted bread with Millennial olive oil in a farmhouse, enjoying some fish and rice in an amazing restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean, or celebrating a toast with an amazing wine on a beautiful balcony.

Castelló Ruta de Sabor (or ‘Castellón Taste Trail’) is a label of quality you can rely on to spot the best home-grown products from the province of Castellón, the very same local delights you’ll find served to you by top professionals.

The local delicacies of the Taste Trail

If you’re wondering what you’ll be sampling on your trip to Castellón, here are some of the main quality products certified under the ‘Castelló Ruta de Sabor’ label.

  • Olive oil made using traditional methods and local varieties of olive, of particular note those made with Millennial olives.
  • Mineral water from natural springs such as Benassal, Catí, Bejís or Almedíjar, all with positive health benefits.
  • Meats and cold-cuts made using recipes handed down over generations.
  • Local fruit; not just the coastal region’s renowned and highly sought-after oranges and tangerines, but also melons, cherries, and a whole range of Mediterranean fruits too. 
naranjas castellon
  • Greens and nuts (of which the Protected Designation of Origin Benicarló artichoke deserves an honorary mention), alongside tomatoes and nuts like almonds and hazelnuts.
  • Artisan liqueurs, made from the same fruits and herbs they’ve been distilling for hundreds of years.
  • Craft beers popularised by young entrepreneurs, who are making good use of the land’s spring waters and local produce.
preparacion cerveza artesanal
  • Guilds of fishers who bring fresh fish and seafood back from our very own Mediterranean Sea, which fly off the stands of the local market straight into the best restaurants.
  • World-renowned prizewinning cheeses, not just from sheep but also from goats and cows. Nougats made following traditions dating back to the middle ages, or traditional baked goods, like the scrumptious ‘Rosquilletas’, a kind of bread stick.
  • And how could we forget the highly exclusive black truffles, characteristic of our inland regions? 

Dining Recommendations

Restaurateurs dedicated to the region can rest assured that certified local products have been used to prepare their meals. These innovative professional chefs know how to make the most of the products on their doorsteps, ensuring your gastronomic experience in the province lingers on your palate.

If you’d like to learn more about these must-visit restaurants for enjoying an exquisite meal in Castellón, pay a visit to the Castellón Taste Trail’s list of establishments serving gastronomic excellence.

And to Drink?

The Castellón Taste Trail also boasts wineries under their label. They may be small, but these are true virtuosos producing unique wines naturally finding their way onto wine-tasters’ essential lists year after year, which you can easily find on the menus of restaurants across the Valencia Region.

Now we’ve got your mouth watering, be quick and book your flight to Castellón and get ready for a food and wine experience you’ll never forget!

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