Taste the autumn in Cantabria
Taste the autumn in Cantabria Sep, 27 2022

After enjoying the rich variety of products that the spring and summer brought us, you might think that the autumn is no big deal in gastronomic terms. But don’t be discouraged by the falling temperatures and rainy days: now is the ideal opportunity to try the star products of a rich cuisine, perfect for warming […]

Design a Volotea city
Several cities
Design a Volotea city Sep, 9 2022

For 4 years now, Volotea has been holding its “Design and Fly” competition in partnership with Show Us Your Type. European designers, and designers from all over the world, take part in a competition to represent a Volotea city through a typographic creation. This year, our competition is a bit different. To celebrate Volotea’s 10-year […]

Napoli through the eyes of Nu Genea
Napoli through the eyes of Nu Genea Aug, 25 2022

Thinking of visiting Napoli soon? We’d love to be your DJs for the trip! We’ve created a Napoli playlist just for the occasion, and you’ll get a little taste of what’s to come below. Local artists only! To learn more about this beautiful city, we got in touch with the members of Nu Genea, the […]

A Coruña, gastronomic haven
A Coruña, gastronomic haven Aug, 22 2022

Situated on the Atlantic coast, A Coruña combines the best of land and sea in its cuisine, offering both traditional formulas that never disappoint and cutting-edge innovations.   Life in A Coruña revolves around food, with countless events on the calendar and the custom of gathering with family and friends for wine, tapas, or brunch. The […]

Singer Maren talk to us about the Bilbao she knows and loves
Singer Maren talk to us about the Bilbao she knows and loves Aug, 1 2022

Planning a trip to Bilbao? We want to offer you a soundtrack for your trip. We have put together a playlist specially created for the Basque Country to give you a glimpse of the music they are listening to there. Local musicians only! For more information on Bilbao and its beautiful region, we got in […]