The most beautiful natural pools in Corsica
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The most beautiful natural pools in Corsica

Corsica is known for its dreamy beaches, but there are also superb natural pools.

The mountains on the island are the source of many rivers that reach the sea among rocks. Nature, being generous, offers us magnificent natural water spots. The water is certainly cooler than the Mediterranean, that is, very cold in the spring, when the snows melt, but when it starts getting hot in the summer, it’s a great way to cool down.

In every river in Corsica there is a river where children swim all summer long. In fact, when the weather is warm, Corsicans prefer rivers to the beach.

These are some of the most beautiful natural pools in Corsica.

La Solenzara

la solenzara corse

This is my favourite, as it’s very easy to access and just above us: you can see the majestic Aiguilles de Bavella from there.

To get there, take the D268 towards Bavella. Because the road runs along the Solenzara river, you can choose the spot you like. There are little beaches in some areas where you can sit down comfortably under a sun umbrella.

In certain places you can find rocks to jump from, so pick the one that best suits you.

la solenzara corse

La Restonica

la restonica corse

Restonica valley, just above Corte, in central Corsica, is about twenty kilometres long. This beautiful valley has many natural pools and waterfalls.

At this height, I should warn you, the water is very cold, around 12°! Just tell yourself it’s great to get the blood flowing. To reach it, take the D623 south of Corte.

Fango valley

This valley is a bit less crowded because it’s less easy to access, which is even better! Go to Galéria, south of Calvi, and take the D351.

The source of Fango river is as the heart of Capu Tafunatu, the pierced mountain. This year is riddled with little ponds that make nice natural pools in the middle of the pink granite rocks. Moreover, the water is at an ideal temperature to plunge in!

capu tafunatu corse
Capu Tafunatu

Manganellu river

Manganellu river crosses the village of Vivario and plunges into the Vecchio. To reach it, walk along the GR20 track for a while, specifically stretch 8 from Petra Piana to l’Onda. It’s an easy walk along a rather large path in the midst of the pine trees. Take care to stay on GR20 – if you go along the ridges path, you won’t be able to swim today! If you don’t feel like walking, you can drive, taking the D23 at Tattone.

The pine trees around these natural pools contrast with the colour of the water. Feast your eyes.

Aïtone forest

foret d'aitone

I adore Aïtone forest all year round! At the heart of these 4000 hectares, you will find some hidden natural pools and waterfalls. The water is never warmer than 15° even in mid-August, but the landscape is so stunning and soothing that no one will complain! You can walk there from Evisa village, through a chestnut forest. You will find your reward after walking for some 45 minutes.

For those who are not that fond of sport, you can drive there. Just take the D84 and park at Belvédère Mare in Mare Nord.

If you are hungry in the evening, I recommend going up to Castel di Vergio Hotel, named after the hill. They serve a unique menu including a delicious Corsican soup, huge, high quality steak, and Fiadone for dessert. Everything is homemade, and there is a view of Monte Cinto, the highest peak in Corsica.

The Cavu natural pools

cavu corse

Cavu river is in the South of Corsica, a few kilometres to the North of Porto-Vecchio. These are some of the many natural pools in this river. To get there, take then D1968A at Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, towards Taglio Rosso.

The first one is a gorgeous pool behind U Paesu restaurant at Tagliu Rossu. Walk upriver to find other spots not far from there. Further up, you will find a paid parking area (EUR 5), with beautiful pools, and a bit farther, another spot called “Piscini di Micu”.

I’ve been saving the best for last: the most beautiful natural pools are the ones near the Les 3 Piscines restaurant.


criviscia corse

Drive towards Zonza village in l’Alta Rocca to discover the Criviscia brook. Them go towards Quenza, and when you reach Criviscia bridge, find a place to park (which is not easy!)

From the bridge, you can see the brook and hear the sound of the waterfall. The river wends its way through pine trees and oaks, and you can splash in the very cool water from the mountains. If you continue to go upriver, you’ll reach a canyon with rocks to jump from.

Purcaraccia waterfall

purcaraccia corse

I have already talked about trekking in Corsica, which I encourage you to do – it’s often while trekking that you will discover lovely waterfalls and natural pools.

I couldn’t fail to mention one of the most beautiful ponds on the island. You should be aware that it’s often crowded, you I would get there early, to be among the first to experience the magic of the area.

You will need good walking shoes, but once you get there, you will find a corner of paradise!

Cascade des Anglais waterfall

cascade des anglais corse

The Cascade des Anglais waterfalls can be reached from Vizzavona hill. This gorgeous waterfall is at an altitude of 1130 m, so it’s rather cool up there, as is the water!

To get there, you’ll have to walk for a while along the GR20. From the Vizzavona parking area, take the forest route towards the ruins. It’s a 30 to 35-minute walk, quite easy, but a bit uphill.

You can also get there from Vizzavona train station. The path is well marked and shaded, and takes about 1h30. The walk is really worth it, and the temperature is always nice.

A nice alternative to the sea

Wherever you stay in Corsica, you will find at least one natural pool near. You can also go canyoning down these rivers, which are very safe.

If you feel like taking a break from the beach and getting some cool air, don’t miss beautiful inland Corsica.

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