6 places to switch off in Asturias

6 places to switch off in Asturias

Asturias is the perfect place for switching off, getting tons of rest, and tuning in to friendly natural surroundings where you’re sure to find moments of satisfaction.

We’d like to suggest 6 really different places for switching off during your trip around this Natural Paradise.

The Lakes of Somiedo, For A Change of Scenery

Somiedo Natural Park, which is both Asturias’ first and also one of the 7 Biosphere Reserves in this autonomous community, is considered a natural wonder par excellence.

One star route of this authentic hiking paradise follows the Lakes of Somiedo: the Lago del Valle – the biggest in Asturias – and the three lakes of Saliencia: La Cueva, Calabazosa and La Mina.

lago somiedo asturias

Redes Nature Park, A Very Green Biosphere Reserve

The Redes Nature Park has it all: dreamy villages, leafy forests, incredible waterfalls, mountain passes, lakes, and the Nalón river, the longest in Asturias, flowing through it like an artery.

What’s more, this Biosphere Reserve, established by the municipalities of Sobrescobio and Caso, is home to one of the world’s oldest cheeses, Casín, which is made using the unpasteurised milk of cows from Asturias or Caso and has a strong and lasting flavour. 

Spots like Brañagallones, Ubales lake, the Tabayón del Mongayú waterfall, or the Alba Trail are true landmarks of Asturias’ nature.

Tabayón del Mongallu parque de redes bosque
Tabayón del Mongayu (Redes). Pic by Mampiris

The Large Limestone Massifs of The Picos De Europa

The Picos de Europa National Park, once part of Covadonga Mountain, was the first of its kind in Spain. Its rich history, and the three large limestone massifs responsible for its unique morphology, make it one of western Europe’s natural wonders.

What’s more, its legendary peaks, best exemplified by the Naranjo de Bulnes or Picu Urriellu, make it a mecca for mountaineers and rock climbers the world over.

Panorama de Urriellu desde el Pozo de la Oración
Urriellu from Pozo de la Oración (Cabrales). Pic by Mampiris

It’s also where you’ll find places like the Lakes of Covadonga or the Royal Palace of Covadonga.

Mount Naranco, An Unbeatable View Over the Asturian Capital

Mount Naranco is the quintessential carbayón (which means big oak in Asturian) mountain of Oviedo. It’s a large and natural component of this city that has remained omnipresent throughout its history.

You can also find two architectural jewels on the side of this mountain from the erstwhile Kingdom of AsturiasSanta María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo – which were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Vistas de Oviedo desde Santa María del Naranco
Oviedo from Santa María del Naranco. Pic by Alfonzo Suarez

The El Fitu Overlook, For Admiring Both the Sea and the Mountains

The El Fitu Overlook, some 1,100 metres above sea level in the municipality of Caravia, is a classic among places in Asturias with the best views. Its exceptional location grants you a 360-degree view spanning more than 100 km of coast and mountains, where you can gaze at the Sueve mountain range, the Ponga Natural Park and the Picos de Europa National Park.

mirador del fitu vistas

Cabu Peñes, Or the North of The North

This is the northernmost point in Asturias, and you’ll find it on the coast of the Gozón municipality. It’s a rural area with a gorgeous landscape, whose steep cliffs reach over a hundred metres high. 

From Cabu Peñes you can admire small islands and rocky islets, among which La Erbosa, the second-largest island in Asturias, stands out.

cabu peñes asturias
Pic by Gonzalo Azumendi

Asturias is a must-visit destination for lovers of untouched nature, whose one-of-a-kind landscapes will unite you with the strength and beauty of a territory which has managed to keep all of its authenticity intact. What are you waiting for? Come on and uncover Asturias! 

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