Virginie Lobel

Virginie Lobel


I’m passionate about travel, encounters, and also photos. My desire to share my discoveries naturally led to the creation of my travel blog, Virloblog, so I could help travellers to discover different cities, regions (such as Corsica, where I’m lucky enough to live) and countries.

Summer festivities in Ajaccio
Summer festivities in Ajaccio Jun, 9 2023

Planning to spend a few days in Ajaccio and keen to know about the season’s offerings in the imperial city? What summer activities does Ajaccio have lined up? Let me take you through Ajaccio’s summer programme of musical and culinary events, as well as a series of activities dedicated to Napoleon. Activities around Napoleon’s life […]

Things to do in South Corsica: my top pics
Things to do in South Corsica: my top pics Apr, 19 2023

What can you do in South Corsica in 7 days or more? Let me share the must-sees of South Corsica with you. If you spend a week in South Corsica, you’ll be able to explore its most emblematic sites. You can arrive in Ajaccio or Figari, but for this road trip, we’ll start from the […]

The best things to see near Ajaccio
The best things to see near Ajaccio Feb, 1 2023

Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica, with a population of 72,500 habitants. It is also the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, which is why it is known as the Imperial City. But, after you visit Napoleon’s city, I encourage you to explore the surrounding area.

The wild beaches of Corsica
Several cities
The wild beaches of Corsica Aug, 9 2022

Think you know the most beautiful beaches in Corsica? You may have read my previous post on this subject. But did you know that there are still wild beaches in Corsica? They are not as easy to reach, there may be no beach bar or parking area, and far less people. So you will have […]

The most beautiful natural pools in Corsica
Several cities
The most beautiful natural pools in Corsica Jul, 2 2022

Corsica is known for its dreamy beaches, but there are also superb natural pools. The mountains on the island are the source of many rivers that reach the sea among rocks. Nature, being generous, offers us magnificent natural water spots. The water is certainly cooler than the Mediterranean, that is, very cold in the spring, […]