The wild beaches of Corsica
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The wild beaches of Corsica

Think you know the most beautiful beaches in Corsica? You may have read my previous post on this subject. But did you know that there are still wild beaches in Corsica?

They are not as easy to reach, there may be no beach bar or parking area, and far less people. So you will have to bring your picnic with you, your icebox with cool water, put on a hat, good footwear, and you’re off!

Some can be reached after walking for a bit, other ones can only be reached by boat (suddenly, more people!) But when you get out of the water in these beaches, all you will see is the natural world around you.

The wild beaches of Haute-Corse

The beaches in the Agriates desert

The beaches in the Agriates desert are all wild. They can be reached by ferry, which means they are popular. However, I cannot fail to mention them, even if there’s more people – they are always less crowded than the famous Porto-Vecchio beaches! And the area is still wild and idyllic.


saleccia corse

You can reach Saleccia on a 4×4 after driving down a 15 km track – that’s about a 45-minute trip. The track starts at Casta, just after the Relais at Saleccia.

U Paradisu campground is near the beach, fully integrated with the surrounding area. It’s a good place to spend a few days away from it all. But check if there are any vacancies before travelling for 45 minutes along a track!


plage lodu corse

You can reach Lodu beach on the St-Florent ferry. It’s also called Loto or Lotu. (Note: in Haute-Corse, “t” is pronounced “d” and “u” is not pronounced, but it’s not pronounced at the end of the word. But in Ajaccio, “t” is pronounced “t”, and “u” is pronounced!)

To fully enjoy this idyllic location, I recommend taking the first Popeye ferry at 9 am. Then you will have the chance to see this white-sand beach when there’s still no one there, and be the first to disembark, like Robinson arriving at his island.


You can reach Ghignu taking the Malfacu track, and then walking for a bit less than 5 km (about 1 hour). A wonderful beach of white sand and turquoise water.


One of the options to get to Malfacu is to drive along the track from Vezzu hill on a 4×4 car. It will take you more than an hour to cover these 13 km. The other options are to walk from Saleccia or from L’Ostriconi, but it’s a rather long trip – even longer when the weather’s hot!


This wild beach in the Agriates desert can be reached through a path from the old Ile Rousse route. This 800 m long beach can be dangerous when the weather is bad because of the strong currents, so avoid swimming too far from the strand.

The wild beaches at Cap Corse

Barcaggio beach

This beautiful beach, located at the north end of Corsica, Cap Corse, can be reached from Barcaggio village.

You will find a parking area that is for pay during the summer. From there, just walk for about fifteen minutes to discover this wonderful beach. Across from it is a little island on which stands the northernmost lighthouse in Corsica.

A few years ago, I found plenty of Bolma rugosa, a small shell that’s made in Corsica.

Des Iles beach

plage des iles corse

The beach at the Finocchiarola islands at Cap Corse is the first beach that can be reached from Tamarone bay through the douaniers route. It takes 20 minutes walking to get there. For those who have a 4×4 vehicle, you can also take a track.

The beach is almost deserted and has a splendid view of the Finocchiarola island, a natural reserve.

Like most unspoilt wild beaches, there is a bed of Posidonia, an underwater flower that is often taken for seaweed.

The wild beaches of South Corsica

Near Piana



You walk down to this little cover by a path from the Hotel des Roches Rouges outside Piana. You need to walk for 3 km to reach this little gem.

Cross Mezzanu brook, then keep walking along its bank down to the beach. On the way there, don’t forget to admire the view of the Gulf of Porto and the Piana cliffs.

You will be rewarded by a beach of fine sand and crystal-clear water at the end of this walk.

Arone beach

plage d'arone

Arona beach, the only large beach in Piana, monitored in the summer, is nonetheless a wild beach. You can get there by car (and by boat).

From Piana village, take the D824 between the church and the supermarket. Drive for 12 km for about 20 minutes, to reach this superb white sand beach.

For gourmets, there are several restaurants near the beach, but also a campground and tourist apartments.

The wild beaches at Ajaccio

Lava Gulf

golfe de lava

To the north of Ajaccio, between Capu di Fenu and Pelusella point, Lava Gulf is a very pleasant, and very long, beach. This beach is maintained by the city of Ajaccio and is monitored in the summer.

You can drive there by road D381, at the end of about 9 km.

The sunset to the west is gorgeous, so make sure to pack an evening picnic.

Cape Feno

capo di feno

This wild beach is also near Ajaccio. Locals love it, but so do surfers, as the wind and the waves are often perfect for them.

Take the D111B from the road from Vitulo to Ajaccio.

This beach, in a wild area, is gorgeous, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for the children, as there can always be waves and strong currents in the sea.

Near Propriano


Campomoro beach stretches out for more than 2 km in a nature reserve.

You can get there by driving along the D121 when you leave Propriano headed to Sartène.


roccapina corse

In the south end, you will find Roccapina beach, at the foot of the famous Roccapina Lion.

The beach can be reached by car. There’s a great campground and bungalows a few hundred metres before you get to the beach.

The beach is curved, as it’s located in an inlet, and it’s very pleasant, with a gorgeous view wherever you look. The water is so turquoise that it looks like a swimming pool!

The wild beaches near Bonifacio

Stagnolu beach

stagnolu corse

Not far from Tunnara, Stagnolu beach is a gorgeous wild beach with 300 metres of sand. 10 km from Bonifacio, take the T40 then the D358 towards Tonnara, and then a track.

Behind you, you will find white sand dunes and the mountains. Bear in mind that, even though it’s a family beach, a small part of the beach is a nudist area.


This beach of fine sand and turquoise water brings to mind the Caribbean! 10 km from Bonifacio, with the pond that bears its name in the background, this beach is a mecca for kite surfers.

Take the T40 towards Porto Vecchio, then, after about 8 km, take a road to the right and keep driving for about 2 km until you reach Balistra beach. There’s a free parking area and the beach is monitored in the summer.

Unspoilt Corsica

As you can see, even though Corsica is a tourist destination, there are still unspoilt, wild areas. This is because certain natural areas are protected by the authorities – it is for us now to protect these precious places.

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