The landscape kitchen of Asturias

The landscape kitchen of Asturias

There’s no doubt that Asturias is a paradise of flavour in the broadest sense of the term. 

You’ll often feel like you’re being fed by the very landscape itself, and you wouldn’t be wrong: there’s a reason the concept of the ‘landscape kitchen’ has its roots in Asturias’ delicious gastronomy. The variety and uniqueness of the Asturian landscape translates into a gastronomic diversity just begging to take the region’s unforgettable colours, smells, textures and flavours and put them right on your plate.

paisaje Asturias

Asturias is a landscape kitchen, whose core values are its products and those who know how to care for it, the producers, alongside others who know how to turn it into delicious, nutritious and unforgettable meals. Local expert artisans and chefs are joining forces to offer a unique cuisine reflecting the region’s soul.

A cornerstone between tradition and innovation

The fundamental elements of Asturian cuisine have a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Garden produce, wild nuts and fruits, meats, sausages, fish, seafood, honey, milk, cheese… The list goes on, and everything in Asturias is of the highest quality. The area’s exceptional variety means local produce has remained at the very heart of local cuisine.

queso cabrales

The ingredients here boast their own seal of quality, and form the perfect foundation for a cuisine steeped in tradition that chefs across the region are building on with their own very personal creations.

Traditions such as the gochu (pig) slaughter, amagüestos (feasts featuring chestnuts), picking apples and making cider, cider-tasting and wine-harvesting, to name a few, not only show the region’s world of flavour and rich history, but also translate into unforgettable dishes.

maquina para sidra

And Asturias has a team of front-line master chefs eager to build on this base of key elements and tradition. In their own unique and creative universe, they’re using their wide-ranging knowledge of local produce and the savoir-faire of their ancestors to explore the qualities and possibilities of this produce in full.

chef asturias

Asturias, the landscape kitchen, is a mix of cutting-edge trends such as slow or zero-kilometre food, ‘seasoned’ with sustainability in mind, environmental and climate friendliness, and respect for the inhabitants’ local environment.

The ambassadors of the landscape kitchen

Women and men, men and women, all from different generations. They’re deeply dedicated to their craft, adopting traditions, constantly creating, and passing on their know-how. They’re honest like the land, intrepid in the kitchen, and with ample backgrounds and experience to spare, they want to put this Natural Paradise and its Landscape at the forefront.

paella asturias

In Asturias, you can literally eat the landscape. So what are you waiting for? Come and get stuck into its cuisine!

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