Where to celebrate Pride in Europe in 2023?
Several cities

Where to celebrate Pride in Europe in 2023?

In June-July 2023, the streets of many European cities will be packed with people, colour, music and the drive to party and protest during Pride, a mix of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, asexual, intersex, and queer pride demonstrations. Here are some ideas on how to spent this Pride in Volotea destinations, from Italy to Greece and right through to France. Break out the rainbow flags!

World Pride Day, celebrated on 28 June all over the world to reclaim the rights of LGBTQI+ people, is the real core of Pride, i.e. all those festivals and parades that aim to give visibility to homosexual, bisexual, queer, trans and other people and promote the freedom and social acceptance of every individual regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Taking part in Pride is a unique opportunity to celebrate the wealth of diversity and demand greater protection for all and that more rights be recognised. But we also need to have some fun along the way!

Euro Pride 2023

The main event in Europe this year is EuroPride 2023 in La Valletta, Malta. This beautiful Maltese city will be the capital of LGBTQIA+ pride, hosting the most eagerly awaited European Pride event. Save the date: 16 September 2023 is the date of the final event of an interesting week: displays, theatrical performances, concerts, and conferences.

In addition to EuroPride, the most popular events in Europe are held in Madrid and Paris.

One of the largest Pride events in the world is held in Madrid, a major LGBTQIA+ destination and a diversity capital. More than 2 million people take part every year, and there many concerts, festivities, and cultural events. The Orgullo festivities start on June 23 and end on the first Sunday of July, with the high point being the vibrant Pride Parade of Saturday 1 July.

bandera pride ayuntamiento madrid

Paris is also getting ready for a colourful invasion. Every year the French capital welcomes over half a million people who take part in the largest Pride event in France: in 2023, it will be held from 10-25 June. Don’t miss the fantastic Marche des Fiertés paradeon Saturday 24 June. It’s a mix of party-vibes, unruliness, and activism that you cannot miss!

gay pride parigi

But in addition to these two main celebrations, it’s also worth discovering other events in different European cities that you can reach on a Volotea flight. Don’t forget to pack your party gear and rainbow t-shirts!

Salento Pride

Salento is one of the most popular summer destinations in Italy, particularly among young people and the gay community. From June to September, towns in Salento are filled with tourists, music, festivities, and events for every taste. During the Salento Pride, more and more important over the years, the LGBTQIA+ community, the locals, and tourists come together to have fun and demonstrate.
This year, the Pride will be held in the beautiful town of Lecce, a few kilometres from Brindisi, on 1 July 2023. The theme for the demonstrations will be “no fear”, and participants will eagerly urge that the LGBTQIA+ community’s demands for attention and protection of its rights be heard. 

Naples Pride

The Mediterranean Pride of Naples is one of the most interesting and vibrant events among Pride parades in Southern Italy. This year, Pride events will take place between 26 June and 1 July 2023, and include a Pride Parade, to be held on 1 July 2023, a Pride Village, and many initiatives focusing on freedom and civil rights.

The parade will cross the city to raise awareness about key issues for the LGBT+ movement such asmarriage equality, citizenship by birth, and legislation against homophobia and transphobia. And, of course, it’s a call for peace, a great opportunity to discover a wonderful city, Naples, that carries creativity, openness, and extravagance in its DNA.

piazza plebiscito illuminazione colori

Palermo Pride

You probably associate Sicily with good food, beaches, and the island’s millenary history. But a big Pride parade is also held every year in Palermo, promoted by various movements and organisations; a very lively event that all can join. In the city, people return to the square to have fun and make their voices heard on Saturday 24 June, to cry out that “the fight will not stop”, particularly now that freedom and diversity seem to be coming more and more under threat. And if between one fashion show and the next you get hungry, take a look at our tips on what to eat or have for a delicious snack in Palermo, a real mecca of street food and delicious Sicilian gastronomy.

bandiere pride centro città

Marseille Pride

Marseille has a reputation for being a proud, confrontational and somewhat anarchic city. What better place to celebrate Pride? If you visit this city, known for its strong character, the oldest and second largest in France, between 16 June and 2 July, you will be able to take part in many activism, cultural, and festive events run by the associations and companies on the Marseille Pride Committee. The grand parade on 2 July will close the event in style.

gay pride marsiglia

Bordeaux Pride

To start experiencing the festive and rebellious atmosphere of Pride, your trip around Europe may just start in Bordeaux. This southern French city will be one of the first to celebrate gay pride on 10 June 2023. Organised by the Lesbian & Gay Pride Bordeaux association, which fights for the rights of LGBT people, thousands of activists and supporters take part in the parade every year. An event not to be missed if you too want to participate in the fight for equal rights and against discrimination due to sexual orientation. And all in a fairy-tale setting: the historic centre of Bordeaux, a World Heritage Site whose local wines are famous all over the world!

strisce pedonali colorate bordeaux

Bilbao Pride

Anyone who wants to take part in Pride events in Spain is spoilt for choice: from Madrid to party-central, gay-friendly Sitges, Barcelona and Ibiza; there are tonnes of events for whatever floats your boat. In the north, one of the most interesting and growing destinations for “Pride tourism” is Bilbao. Behind its industrial, artistic and foodie exterior, the capital of the Basque Country hides a rainbow soul that it unveils every year during Pride. This year Bilbao is ready to welcome a festive and varied crowd that from 15 to 28 June, between a pintxo, a visit to the Guggenheim and a ride on the surfboard, will participate in an eventful festival that supports LGBT visibility and diversity. The highlight of Bilbao Pride is the Saturday 17 June parade, where a fleet parades! The party boats are decorated in bright rainbow colours and leave from the Bilbao estuary to sail down the river. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

bandiera pride bilbao

Athens Pride

The Greek capital is a fantastic destination for all types of travellers: those looking for history and culture, beach lovers, families, and young people who can’t wait to go out at night. If you choose to visit Athens between 9 – 11 June 2023 you will be able to take part in their Pride 2023 (the main event of the year for the Greek LGBTQI + community) and enjoy the city at its best: in June temperatures are very pleasant and the days are very long! The main Athens Pride parade will take place on Saturday 10 June and, as stated on the event website , the goal is to continue to fight strongly for the community’s rights, now more than ever.

statua atene pride

Have we convinced you to go and discover the best Pride events in Europe? If you are looking for other great plans for the summer, get inspired by our articles on the best beaches and outdoor activities!

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