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A stroll through the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes
A stroll through the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes Sep, 18 2023

Nantes boasts around a hundred parks, including the pretty Jardin des Plantes, an English-style garden in the city centre, across from the train station. It ranks among the top four botanical gardens in France, and has been awarded the “Outstanding Garden” label.  Plants of all kinds, towering trees, fountains and water features, works of art […]

The Lebaniego Way in Cantabria
The Lebaniego Way in Cantabria Sep, 13 2023

The Liébana Jubilee Year (Año Jubilar Lebaniego) is a religious and cultural event celebrated in Cantabria. This celebration takes place in the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, an important pilgrimage site and place of Christian worship.  The event occurs whenever the feast day of 16 April, the date that commemorates Santo Toribio de Liébana […]

The best coves in Mallorca
The best coves in Mallorca Jul, 13 2023

Whether you’re finally able to enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday, have a few days off or can’t get away from work but still need a few hours of relaxation, there always comes a moment when it’s beach time! But then comes the age-old problem: you want to find out which coves are the most beautiful […]

Algarve: beaches for all tastes
Algarve: beaches for all tastes Jul, 6 2023

When it comes to summer holidays and beach destinations, the Algarve in Portugal has it all. With its beautiful coastline, golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, it is no wonder that the Algarve is a favourite destination for beach lovers. This southern region of Portugal offers a wide range of beaches, meeting all sorts of […]

Next stop: Paradise Mykonos
Next stop: Paradise Mykonos Jun, 20 2023

If you have booked yourself a ticket to Mykonos you can visit Paradise Beach—in fact, you can spend your entire stay in Mykonos at Paradise Beach! Mykonos offers a 24-7 party, exclusive clubs, international cuisine paralleled with breath-taking rugged mountains, azure seas and you can actually find all of this in one spot on the […]

The best beaches in Nice
The best beaches in Nice Jun, 14 2023

Côte d’Azur’s beaches are famous the world over. They’re certainly plentiful, and every summer they’re thronged by tourists looking to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean Sea!  But the beach isn’t just for tourists. We locals can’t wait for spring to arrive each year so we can go for a dip in the big blue. […]

Menorca in the summer: all that you can't afford to miss
Menorca in the summer: all that you can't afford to miss Jun, 12 2023

The Island of Menorca is one of the most popular seaside destinations for tourists who come from all over the world, especially during the summer months, to enjoy its amazing and renowned beaches. Summer, the best time to visit Menorca Thanks to its excellent climate and high number of hours of sunshine per year, I […]

San Sebastián's top surfing spots
San Sebastián
San Sebastián's top surfing spots Jun, 6 2023

San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, lies just a stone’s throw from France on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. And ocean means surfing! The ideal destination those who love this sport. The Basque coast boasts everything a keen surfer could wish for: wind, waves and stunning beaches. And while there are waves all year […]

Everything you need to know about the pink beach of Budelli
Everything you need to know about the pink beach of Budelli May, 18 2023

The pink beach of Budelli is one of the jewels of Sardinia, and I’m not just saying this because I’m Sardinian, but because of the number of people who come here every year to discover its pink-hued sands. Whilst it’s true that every coastline in Sardinia has something special to offer, the northeast of the […]

Holidays in Calvi
Holidays in Calvi May, 17 2023

Join us in discovering the Balagne, a region packed with hidden gems you won’t to miss! The historic town of Calvi, together with beach resorts like Algajola and Sant Ambroggio, will quickly win you over. The hinterland villages, perched above the plain and overlooking the Mediterranean, are also sure to charm you.   The town of […]