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Catania’s most beautiful beaches
Catania’s most beautiful beaches Jan, 25 2023

Sicily is world-famous for both its sea and, naturally, for its beaches. But which are the most beautiful near Catania? We've got the answer for you!

Tenerife, a surfers' paradise
Tenerife, a surfers' paradise Jan, 5 2023

Although the islanders were having fun in the sea much earlier on wooden boards resembling surfboards, the first professional board, and hence surfing itself, arrived in Tenerife in 1963 with Peter Troy, an Australian who travelled the world in search of the best beaches for surfing. Troy brought surfing as a sport to the island […]

8 unusual things to do and see on Costa Smeralda
8 unusual things to do and see on Costa Smeralda Dec, 4 2022

Looking for your dream holiday in Sardinia? Then head straight for the Costa Smeralda; forget about the sea and enjoy the nature, culture and traditions. If you’ve never been there or would like to know it better, this article is for you. We can tell you about the 8 special and unusual things to do […]

Spend your winter on the Canary Islands' beaches
Several cities
Spend your winter on the Canary Islands' beaches Nov, 17 2022

It’s no wonder that the Canary Islands are known as “Las Afortunadas”, meaning “the lucky ones”, as it has the best climate in the world. And not just because we say so; numerous studies have confirmed it too. There are so many reasons for coming to the Canary Islands in the winter. If it’s your […]

Nature parks in Sardinia: where to start?
Several cities
Nature parks in Sardinia: where to start? Sep, 28 2022

Sardinia offers a multitude of diverse and unique landscapes that range from towering, jagged cliffs to gentle sandy bays. The Supramonti mountain range is a must visit with unspoilt waterfalls, forests and woodlands all waiting to be explored. In this article I’ll be taking you on a tour of my favourite regional and national nature […]

The best spots to enjoy sunset in Mykonos
The best spots to enjoy sunset in Mykonos Sep, 15 2022

Mykonos offers a 24-7 party, beautiful beaches, exclusive clubs, international cuisine paralleled with breathtaking rugged mountains, azure seas and white cubist Cycladic architecture. And sunsets. Crimson, purple, gold, orange, pink, yellow. Mykonos has super sunset spots! You name it—Mykonos has a kaleidoscope of sunsets depending on the time of year, the humidity, cloud coverage and […]

9 bays for adventurers in Mallorca
9 bays for adventurers in Mallorca Sep, 1 2022

I’m sure you are already packed and ready to enjoy your holiday in Mallorca.You may have read my previous article… it is sooo difficult to decide between its more than 250 beaches! I’ve shown you ten beaches to enjoy with the family, but you’ll no doubt also be looking for some more secluded spots. If […]

Unmissable beaches near Alghero
Unmissable beaches near Alghero Aug, 30 2022

Alghero is one of the most coveted destinations in northern Sardinia. The capital of the Coral Riviera offers endless possibilities: archaeological sites, traditional restaurants, a strong Catalan influence, incredible sunsets like the one over Capo Caccia and, of course, beautiful beaches. Where to go to the beach in Alghero There are countless places where you […]

Top 7 beaches around Cagliari
Top 7 beaches around Cagliari Aug, 11 2022

If you are looking for the best beaches near Cagliari, this is the post for you. I’m Cagliari born and bred, and cannot wait to tell you about the most beautiful breaches, all of which have different landscape, services, and area.  Cagliari beaches If you are in Cagliari, I recommend spending a day in Poetto, […]

The wild beaches of Corsica
Several cities
The wild beaches of Corsica Aug, 9 2022

Think you know the most beautiful beaches in Corsica? You may have read my previous post on this subject. But did you know that there are still wild beaches in Corsica? They are not as easy to reach, there may be no beach bar or parking area, and far less people. So you will have […]