Santorini, an island in constant flux

Santorini, an island in constant flux

We all know about Santorini’s beautiful sunsets, its caldera, and the Three Blue Domes, but is that all?
sunset oia santorini

Santorini is an island of never-ending change, evolving throughout time, both geologically and culturally. Even the name has changed at least five times!

rd sunset santorini

The deep and changing beauty of Santorini

Santorini has so much depth, literally and metaphorically. Countless luminaries have passed through the island: kings and queens, dukes and lords, pirates and merchants, poets and dreamers, lovers and honeymooners!

As a Santorini local for 31 years, I can say that this place has mesmerized and inspired me, and become a part of who I am today: a proud Islander. Allow me introduce you to some of the hidden gems and excursions this land, that I love so much, has to offer.

1. View the caldera brimming with life

Looking at the volcano with its rough, pitch-black lava rocks, you would be excused for thinking the area is inhospitable to life, but you would be wrong! A visit in the springtime reveals a green veil over its slopes, as well as wild goats jumping here and there!

caldera santorini
Ammoudi Oia

2. Try the island’s sweet wine

vinsanto grapes
Vinsanto grape preparation at the Gavalas Winery
vinsanto glass
A glass of Vinsanto at the Gavalas Family Winery

3. Enjoy an alternative sunset view from the old Santorini Mill in Perissa

4. Enjoy the sunset from Katharos Beach

sunset katharos beach

After watching the sunset, savour some vegetarian and vegan delicacies at the Meze Bar next to the beach!

5. View of the small island of Saint Nicholas, the protector of sailors, from Oia

saint nicholas from oia

6. Discover depictions of Minoan Art commemorating springtime in the alleyways of Oia

minoan art oia

For more, visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira.

7. Bask in the tranquillity of Thirassia’s abandoned villages

thirassia church
A colourful church in an abandoned village on the island of Thirassia, Agrilia.

Visitors who arrive on 21 November for the celebration of the Virgin Mary are greeted with local wine, “Panigiri” Greek food, and regional music! Yum!

8. Take in the beautiful deep waters and traditional boat houses of Thirassia

thirassia caves

Fishermen used to store their boats in small cave houses, built into the rock.

9. White and blue, the colours of Santorini, epitomise summer

white and blue detail santorini

10. Don’t forget to take photos at the golden hour

beach golden hour

11. Stroll through beautiful Megalochori, the Village of the Arts!

megalochiri santorini

Megalochori + art = Symposion by La Ponta! A must-see destination for music and mythology.

symposion santorini

Can you hear light? Yannis, the co-owner Symposion by La Ponta, will show you how! A musician and instrument craftsman, he will also demonstrate how to make ancient Greek instruments in his workshop.

making of ancient greek flute
An ancient Greek flute in the making.

When you hear the sound of the tsampouna, you can’t help but dance! It’s an automatic reflex, like blinking your eyes.

12. Dine on Ouzo and “Xtapodaki” octopus, the ultimate Greek meze, at one of Ammoudi’s charming old port taverns!

octopus santorini

13. Explore Vlyhada Beach with its eroded sand cliffs

Vlyhada Beach cliffs

14. Get to know the donkeys of Santorini

donkey santorini

Santorini’s donkeys look better without riders. Happy donkeys, happy life!

panorama santorini

Now that you know the island a little better, there is only one more thing left to do: book your flight to Santorini and let’s talk more on your arrival over a glass of Vinsanto! Opa!

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