9 bays for adventurers in Mallorca

9 bays for adventurers in Mallorca

I’m sure you are already packed and ready to enjoy your holiday in Mallorca.You may have read my previous article… it is sooo difficult to decide between its more than 250 beaches! I’ve shown you ten beaches to enjoy with the family, but you’ll no doubt also be looking for some more secluded spots.

If you share my passion for hiking, these places are perfect for those of you who love adventure and idyllic beaches.


Let’s start with something easy. Head towards east Mallorca, to the town of Santa Margarita, where you’ll find the Finca Pública de Son Real.

It is a well-known possessió or estate with lots to see; a museum, hiking trails and an ideal refuge for those of you who want to enjoy the beach.

After a short 30-minute walk, you’ll be ready for a relaxing swim. You can choose between in S’Arenal d’en Casat beach or the rockier areas.

s'arenal d'en casat mallorca


Now let’s move on to a Caribbean beach, in the southernmost town on the island – Ses Salines – and more specifically, to the lighthouse, which shares the same name. Parking is the first adventure as you’ll soon realise. What incredible views, right? You’ll be wondering what the name of the island that you can see on the horizon is. The answer: Cabrera. You’ll reach the beach after a thirty-minute stroll by the sea. When you see it in the distance, you’ll get the reference to Caribbean beaches. Enjoy!

playa d'es caragol mallorca


Let’s head now to the north of the island, and more specifically to the Alcudia area. To reach this beach, you’ll need to leave the car on an esplanade where parking has been authorised, which is a real odyssey owing to the state of the road. Then, climb Collet de’s Coll Baix, until you come to a small refuge.

The path leads down for around 25 minutes along a dirt track and through a rocky area. Get ready; I promise all your suffering will be well worthwhile.

playa des coll baix mallorca


In the municipality of Artá, there is a spot known as Betlem (Spanish for Bethlehem), a coastal area with a very biblical name and an old fishing village. I confess that the first thing that captivated me about this place was its tranquillity, until I discovered the path at the end of Avenida Colón.

Meander along the coast, with its views and crystal-clear waters that will be sure to distract you. You’ll find Cala Na Clara, which is a must, almost as soon as you set out.

Trust me, stay strong and keep going for another hour until you reach es Caló, an abandoned fishing port. The walk in the sun will be well worth it.

betlem mallorca


I know you’re a good hiker, so let’s kick it up a notch. The next hike includes a lot of history and begins in Port de Pollensa, a stones throw from the Bóquer development (or when you see a roundabout with a sculpture of a seaplane). On our route, we’ll pass the Bóquer possessió, dating back to the 17th century and glimpse the Talaiotic city of Bocchoris. The path leads downhill for around 90 minutes, and takes us to the spectacular Cala de Roca. Don’t be surprised if you meet a few goats!

cala boquer mallorca


Término de Andratx and more specifically the tourist centre of Sant Elm has many gems to offer. They include the islet Sa Dragonera or the perfect combination of trekking with history and a dip at Cala en Basset.

This is an easy hike that takes us to the watch tower (with the same name) in around 45 minutes and yes, it is another must where you’ll be able to see the bay. But be warned, don’t even think about going down to it from there. The path starts a few minutes before you go towards the tower. A two-kilometre descent will take you to your destination. Just one piece of advice, remember everything you take down, you have to get back up. Save your strength.

cala en basset mallorca


Let’s go back to Artá. I don’t want to upset anybody, but it is the town where you’ll find the most sand dunes and bays that are difficult to reach. It is actually what makes them different, unique and wild. Cala Torta is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Don’t try to go there by car. The road is terrible. Trust me. Start the trip from Cala Mesquida. In just over 40 minutes you’ll reach this untamed paradise of crystal-clear waters. Best of all, before you start your descent, look at the outline of the coast and the paths that take you to other gems like Cala Mitjana or Cala Estreta. Always with the Des Matzoc watch tower, also known as the Aubarca tower in the background.

cala torta mallorca

8. CAMÍ DES PINTORS (painters’ way)

Many artists have found inspiration at the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. Writers and painters have fallen in love with the beauty of Deià and of all its coast.

When you start this hike, you’ll soon understand the reason for its name. That combination of the green of its woods with the blue of its waters. This route begins right by Cala Deià and will lead you to discover little gems like Cala Tomás, Cala Alou and Cala LLucalcari. A trip to enjoy with all five senses. If you have read my previous articles, I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about.

cami dels pintors mallorca


Whatever path you decide to take, to reach this beach you cannot do it in less than two hours. I suggest you start from S’ Alqueria Vella de Baix, which is the interpretation centre of the Llevant peninsula’s nature park. There’s no problem about leaving the car but from then on, you’ll have a long walk ahead of you to reach one of the wildest sand dunes you can find on the island.

arenalet des vergers mallorca

In Mallorca, there is always space to carry on discovering idyllic spots you never imagined you would find!

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