Corsica’s most idyllic beaches

Corsica’s most idyllic beaches

Corsica’s most beautiful beaches will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean… The region’s dreamy beaches are ranked as some of the most beautiful, and the untouched nature of Corsica is definitely one of its best assets. Corsica is the closest of the remote islands.

I could make out like I’m going to talk about the 10 most beautiful beaches in Corsica, but I can’t! The ONLY beaches in Corsica are beautiful ones! So, whether you’re arriving via Bastia, Calvi, Figari Sud or via Ajaccio, here’s what awaits you…

The Beaches of Your Dreams

I may well have travelled to the ends of the earth and laid my eyes (and my towel) on the beaches of Thailand or the Dominican Republic, but looking at the beaches we have in Corsica reminds me that we’ve nothing to envy. Like we say in Corsica: “Don’t tell a Corsican that Corsica is beautiful… They already know!”

Some of Corsica’s beaches are a bit higher in the rankings than others. GEO Magazine ranked Saleccia Beach as the 9th prettiest beach in the world! And I have to say – it’s certainly one of my favourites!

The Beaches of Southern Corsica

The Beaches Around Ajaccio

  • Mare e Sole: There’s a heavenly atmosphere to this little beach, located 33km from Ajaccio. There, you’ll find a straw hut named ‘La Plage d’Argent’, or The Beach of Gold, where you can enjoy freshly-caught fish. And if you opt to picnic, there’s a small forest of umbrella pines providing a spot of shade.
  • The Beaches of the Sanguinaires: From Ajaccio to the Sanguinaire islands you can find multiple white-sanded, turquoise-watered beaches, perfect for children who can stand in somewhat deep water. The hardest decision will be which beach to go to: the Ariadne, the Marinella, the Scudo, the Cala di Sole… A bit of advice: Google Earth is your friend here, consider using it for a walk along the length of the coastline. Marinella beach, next to the house of Tino Rossi, is perfect for young children. And if you want to watch the sun set over the Sanguinaires, you’re in the right place!
  • Capo di Feno: This is a beach from the furthest corner of the world found some 15km from Ajaccio, frequented mostly by locals. You have the wild countryside to your back, and nothing cluttering up the horizon. Capo beach is a renowned spot for amateur surfers or kite enthusiasts. It’s often windy and wavy, so it’s probably better-suited to adults!
Spiaggia Mare e Sole corsica
Mare e Sole beach

The Beaches Around Propriano

  • Capu Laurosu and Portigliolo beach: This long beach in Propriano, intersected by the Rizzanese, extends for over 3km. It offers a superb panoramic view of the gulf of Valinco. But a word to the wise, that first one I mentioned is accessed via the road that continues past the port of Propriano, but to get to the second one you have to head out of Propriano towards Sartène, then take the D121.
  • The Bay of Cupabia: I first visited this magnificent beach in 1983. There was no road back then, just a path with a wooden gate that we had to open and close ourselves, and it felt truly cut off from the rest of the world. The bay is just as magnificent today, but nowadays there’s a road and two straw huts, so the area attracts a few more people.
spiaggia propriano

The Beaches Around Sartène

  • Tizzano: This is one of my favourite places! This little hamlet feels like the end of the earth! It’s relaxingly calm and there’s a distinctive atmosphere to the air here. You can find the ‘great beach’ near the Lilium Maris hotel, but what’s more, 4/5km further down the coastline path you’ll discover a marvellous cove that we found last spring. There’s a straw hut on the edge of the beach that you can get something to eat from, found near the car park.
  • Roccapina Cove: Another little beauty! Roccapina beach is found at the foot of the “Lion of Roccapina”. Flanked by wild countryside, children will find this beach very calm (and actually, so will adults!) Getting there takes about fifteen minutes or so from the Coralli Inn, located on the RT40 between Bonifacio and Sartène.
spiaggia tizzano corsica
Tizzano beach

The Beaches Around Bonifacio

  • Small and Big Sperone: You can get to them via Piantarella beach, 7km from Bonifacio, and it involves a bit of a walk… (but it’s all worth it!) From the car park, it’s 15 minutes on foot. The sand is super fine and the water is turquoise. You arrive at big Sperone first, and then continuing along the path you’ll find small Sperone.
  • Tonnara Beach: This beach, a few minutes away from Bonifacio, is a surfing and kitesurfing paradise. You’ll find the beach at the end of a path through some wild, windswept countryside, and it’s a bit quieter than its neighbours near Porto-Vecchio.

The Beaches Around Porto-Vecchio

  • Palombaggia: It’s definitely one of the better known, like one of those beaches you see in magazines! Palombaggia beach extends for almost 2km, and has multiple access points. The sand is fine and white, and the water is crystalline – which you can even walk quite far out into. This beach has been singled out as one of the prettiest in the world. Situated 12km away from Porto-Vecchio, you’ll find multiple (paid) carparks, and also some straw huts nearby.
  • Rondinara Bay: It has a unique shape, reminiscent of a shell. The contrast between the turquoise of the sea and the green of the scrubland only add to its perfection. Located half way down the road between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio (about 20km), you’ll need to take a short 8km road through the scrubland until you arrive at a (paid) carpark. When summer’s in full swing I’d recommend getting there early, to guarantee yourself a spot.
  • Santa Giulia: Santa Giulia is another one of Southern Corsica’s marvellous beaches. It’s ideal for little ones as it’s not very deep, and the translucent water brings the beaches of the Caribbean to mind. From Porto-Vecchio, head towards Bonifacio until you get to Bocca dell’Oro, where you’ll turn left to follow a little 8km road. The beach is 2km long, but it’s rather narrow. Here, too, the key is to arrive early.
  • Saint-Cyprien Beach: A 6km-long beach with turquoise water, located 10km north of Porto-Vecchio. It’s perfect for children, but also for jet-ski amateurs.
spiaggia palombaggia corsica
Palombaggia beach

The Beaches Around Solenzara

  • Fautea: This small turquoise-watered cove just a few kilometres from the Trinité de Porto-Vecchio only reveals itself at the very end of the road. You’ll need to park in the carpark near the cork oak forest, at the foot of the Genoese tower, and then walk for a few minutes to get to this hidden gem. Don’t forget your mask and snorkel!
  • Canella Cove: This small and wonderfully charming beach in southern Solenzara is protected from the wind and waves. The sand is white and fine, and the water is translucent.

The beaches of Haute-Corse

The beaches around Saint-Florent

  • Loto: (or Lotu or Lodu): A real patch of paradise. To get there we’ll need to take a boat, such as Le Popeye (but consider booking in advance)! Setting sail with the first 9am boat is an excellent idea. The boat isn’t full of people and you arrive to a deserted beach. When we tested it at the end of August we were the first Crusoes to get there! There’s a straw hut a stone’s throw away, called la Cabane du Lodu, which is lovely to spend a while at (but this, too, you should consider booking in advance!)
le cabane du lodu spiaggia di lodu corsica
Le Cabane du Lodu
  • Saleccia: You can get here by boat too, or by 4×4. The trail’s not too long, some 15km through the Agriates Desert, but it’ll take you about 45 minutes in a ‘true’ 4×4. You’ll be truly cut off from the world, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the sea and the cicadas. There’s also a campsite close to Saleccia beach. Did you know that this beach was used to film the landing scenes in ‘The Longest Day’?
spiaggia lodu corsica
Lodu beach

The beaches of Balagne

  • Lozzari: At the gates of Balagne you’ll find the large beach of Lozari. The water’s very clear, but children might find it a bit steep to get into.
  • Bodri: Another amazing beach with turquoise water found at the exit of Ile Rousse, towards Calvi.

There’s a whole island to discover

Different beaches will appeal to different people’s tastes. Personally, I prefer wild beaches surrounded by scrubland, even if there’s algae on the beach. Some people would rather sit on a picture-perfect postcard beach, even if it’s swarmed by people.

At any rate, the hardest choice will be where you’re going to spend your stay! Each microregion warrants a good week of exploration in order to truly discover all of its virtues.

panorama Isole Sanguinarie
Sanguinaria Islands, Ajaccio

So, as I’m sure you’ll find, you don’t just come to Corsica once… you come back! I came here in 1983 at the age of 15, and then ten years later, I moved here. I’ve been discovering new gems for 30 years since, and I still marvel at the natural beauty of this island, very aptly named The Island of Beauty.

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