Discover Cap Corse

Discover Cap Corse

Are you looking for a small, quiet and unspoilt destination? Cap Corse is definitely for you! 

A land of sailors, Isula ind’è l’isula, “the island within the island”, or “Little Corsica”, encapsulates all the delights of this beautiful island. Just a stone’s throw from Bastia and Saint Florent, on this 40 km long peninsula at the northern tip of Corsica, you can discover the heritage and cultural riches to be found between land and sea, in Corsica’s most protected and unspoilt region. Cap Corse offers the traveller authentic and surprising landscapes where you can lose yourself at leisure in the typical villages, venture along the roads and paths, mingle with the islanders and discover their way of life. Let’s get to know Cap Corse! 

Things to do in Cap Corse

Stroll through the charming fishing village of Erbalunga

Just 10 km from Bastia, this historic marina, known for its port, crafts and tourist activities, is the gateway to Cap Corse. You’ll fall in love with its harbour, its quaint little houses built at sea level, and its superb Genoese tower.

erbalunga cap corse

Hiking the Sentier des Douaniers trail

It runs along the coast from Macinaggio to Centuri (about 8 hours’ walk). Nature lovers and seaside walkers take note: this walk, which is suitable for virtually everyone, will reveal the untamed essence of Cap Corse! Attractions include: turquoise waters, idyllic coves, protected natural sites, dense flora and fauna, nature reserves, historical treasures (like the A Torra Santa Maria di Riglianu Genoese tower, which has been guarding the shores since the 16th century)… In other words, you’ll be amazed!

Getting there: Port 20248 Macinaggio or Tamarone Beach 20247

litoral plage tamarone

Strolling or scuba diving in Macinaggio

This village, which lies at the end of the coastal road to the east of the headland, boasts the largest marina in Cap Corse. The environment here is perfect for lounging, enjoying the peace and quiet, meditating and pondering. There are many unspoilt coves near the village that can only be reached on foot, while diving enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the waters are among the best on the island (plane and boat wrecks, groupers, moray eels, barracudas…).


Visit Mattei windmill

Located in Ersa, at the tip of the headland, between Centuri and Macinaggio. A true regional landmark, unmissable. At 365 metres above sea level, the 360º panorama is awe-inspiring: to the north you can see the island of Giraglia and the town of Ersa, off the coast you can see the two islands of the Tuscan archipelago, Capraia and Gorgone, and to the south you can admire the western coast of Cap Corse, with the Agriate and the high peaks of the area providing a backdrop. Remember to check the opening times beforehand as it can sometimes be closed depending on the weather.

moulin mattei

Wine tasting in Patrimonio

Positioned at the same height as Bastia and adjacent to Saint-Florent, this village marks the entrance to Cap Corse from the west coast and is an invitation to travel to the most beautiful vineyards of Haute-Corse: the AOP Patrimonio vineyard. With prized soil and an ideal climate, Cap Corse is a haven for wine. Meet passionate winemakers who will be delighted to let you sample the fruits of their labour on their estate. For those of you with a passion for wine, experience the wine route which runs from Luri to Macinaggio, where you will come across the vineyards of the AOP Corse Coteaux du Cap Corse and the AOP Muscat du Cap Corse.

patrimonio vini

Visit the jewel of Cap Corse: the hilltop city of Nonza

With its church, its mysterious fountain (Santa Ghjulia), its narrow streets and its Genoese tower overlooking the black pebble beach, this mystical village with its many legends is one of Cap Corse’s most appealing spots. It’s hard not to fall under its spell. Wander around and admire the incredible view of the Gulf of Saint-Florent from the belvedere of the Paoline tower, built in 1760, which provides a spectacular vantage point overlooking the sea.

nonza cap corse

Cap Corse’s most gorgeous beaches

Cap Corse boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. This is what they are like.

The impressive beach of Nonza: the jewel of Cap Corse

Just below the hilltop village, it extends over 1.4km of small grey pebbles and black sand, making it unique and distinguishing it from other beaches on the island. This is not a natural phenomenon as these stones were dumped from the old asbestos mine located 15 km to the north, in Canari. Officially safe for people to use, you can swim there if the waves allow it. Surrounded by lush greenery, this unique beach has another special feature: visitors leave giant messages (initials, first names, drawings) that can be read from the top of the cliff, using the lightest-coloured pebbles on the beach.

There are two ways to access the beach: on foot, through the village, which requires no less than 500 steps to get there. Or by driving 10 minutes out of the village, where access is from the north end. Use the dedicated car park and walk along the coast for 10 minutes.

Access D80 20137 Nonza 20217

nonza spiaggia

Tamarone Beach

Located in the north-east of Cap Corse, this beautiful bay with deep turquoise waters has a sandy beach (it is unusual to find sandy beaches in this part of the island). In a preserved setting classified as “protected natural site”, and surrounded by cliffs, Tamarone Bay is sublime, despite the presence of posidonia all year round. No water sports are available, but there is a snack stand open during the summer season which serves as a refreshment point for the many hikers who walk along the Douaniers trail.

Due to its restricted accessibility, the beach is not very busy in the summer. There are two ways to get to the beach: on foot from Macinaggio, along the Sentier des Douaniers, which takes about 45 minutes. Or by car, along a bumpy track for 10 minutes (drive slowly!).

plage tamarone corsica

Pietracorbara Beach

On the east coast of Cap Corse, this 450-metre long and wild sandy beach boasts a lovely view of the island of Elba (Tuscan archipelago). Very popular, it is a family beach where you can rest, swim (there are several platforms that allow you to dive straight into the turquoise waters) and sip fruit juice at one of the beach bars. It’s the perfect place for sunbathing while admiring the lush natural scenery, and also for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Easily accessible, you can still find a place to spread your towel, even in the middle of summer.

plage pietracorbara corse

Where to stay in Cap Corse

– Hotel Castel Brando, located in the centre of the village of Erbalunga, is a charming 4-star hotel and restaurant. An old converted manor house, just a stone’s throw from the harbour, Castel Brando is a haven for peace, comfort and getting away from it all. Swimming pool, whirlpools, “Intimu” Spa… It is the ultimate relaxation destination.

Getting there: Route du Cap Erbalunga 20222 Brando – 04 95 30 10 30 

Palazzu Nicrosi guest house, in Rogliano. This legendary “American house”, an emblem of Cap Corse, offers guests two bedrooms and three suites overlooking the Mediterranean and is set in one hectare of grounds. Swimming pool, solarium nestled in the gardens, library, bar, cosy decor, cigar lounge… You’ll be charmed to stay in this unique and well-preserved setting, where time seems to have stood still.

Getting there: Lieu-dit Vignale 20247 Rogliano – 06 78 00 84 18

Where to eat in Cap Corse

La Sassa: at the foot of the Nonza tower, for a cocktail at sunset or dinner with a jazz ambiance. Perched on a rocky outcrop, this bar-restaurant is actually a natural rooftop overlooking Nonza beach. The view is magnificent and the setting is as romantic as it is magical. Only local products and the best wines of the region are served, all in a welcoming atmosphere. Some evenings feature the best jazz, Latin, Corsican music and DJ sets for you to enjoy. All in all, you’ll have plenty to admire, but also plenty to taste!

Getting there: Tour de Nonza 20217 Nonza – 04 95 38 55 26

la sassa cap corse

– A Casaiola, for a meal with your feet in the water: (restaurant with terrace on stilts). A quaint villa, blue shutters, a pine tree, a shady courtyard, a terrace overlooking the beach, facing the sea: a true gem. The menu is extremely tempting and varied: starters, fish, mussels, meat, pizza.

Salmon crumble with Brocciu cheese and basil and a scallop skewer, passion butter: TO DIE FOR. It’s a pleasure to try dishes with a new twist. For the dessert, the choice is just as difficult: three-chocolate crisp, peach and raspberry vacherin with peach compote.

Call in advance for the opening hours.

Getting there: Marine de Sisco – Cap Corse 04 95 35 21 50

a casaiola cap corse

– Le Pirate in Erbalunga for a gourmet meal. The restaurant is in the heart of the fishing village, on the small harbour. An ideal spot for sharing a special time with friends over an elegant table with outstanding cuisine. The menu features flavours from both land and sea.

Getting there: Le port 20222 Erbalunga – 04 95 33 24 20

U Scalu in Macinaggio for a meal in a family setting. Share a pleasurable moment with family or friends on the restaurant’s delightful terrace, overlooking the harbour, and enjoy refined European cuisine (French, Italian and Mediterranean specialities) with meticulously prepared gourmet platters (fresh and local ingredients).

Open 7 days a week, all year round without exception

Getting there: Port de plaisance – Macinaggio – 04 95 35 42 79

u scalu cap corse

How to visit Cap Corse

The best option to visit this part of the island is to explore the winding roads of the headland by car! A magical view awaits you all along the way as the roads run parallel to the mountainside, around the cornice and along the coastline. Venture to places off the beaten track and go on adventures: secret coves, charming villages… Expect to make many stops to admire the beautiful landscapes on offer. Just take your time and enjoy the experience.


Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Cap Corse is the ideal place for your holiday. Whether following the coastline or trekking through the mountains, this unspoilt region of the island will amaze you with its rich heritage and breathtakingly wild landscapes.

A spiritual and exceptional natural setting, I’ve always felt a deep connection with the four elements and a certain magic that cannot be put into words. You have to experience it to understand it. So, are you ready for the Cap Corse experience?

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