Next stop: Paradise Mykonos

Next stop: Paradise Mykonos

If you have booked yourself a ticket to Mykonos you can visit Paradise Beach—in fact, you can spend your entire stay in Mykonos at Paradise Beach! Mykonos offers a 24-7 party, exclusive clubs, international cuisine paralleled with breath-taking rugged mountains, azure seas and you can actually find all of this in one spot on the island!

Paradise Beach has grown from a remote beach where hippies hung out in the sixties to one of the most sought-after venues in the Greek isles.

Offering a variety of eating experiences, accommodation, spas, relaxation, dance clubs and water sports—you can arrive in Paradise ten minutes after disembarking from your Volotea flight and not leave again until it is time to return home!

Technically it is a beautiful beach on the southern shore of Mykonos hosting the legendary Paradise Beach Club, Tropicana and Cavo Paradiso, along with various facilities for overnight accommodation.

paradise beach mykonos

Getting to Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a ten-minute drive from the airport and a 20-minute drive from Mykonos main town, Chora. Public buses and dedicated minivans leave regularly from Fabrika Bus station and the Old Port for Paradise Beach. You can also get there by wooden caique water taxi from Ornos and Plati Yialos beaches. Alternatively, you can take a taxi, rent a car or motorcycle, or book your own transfer.

What to do in Paradise

Soak up the sun, feel your toes in the sand, swim in the crystal waters of the Aegean, dine delectably, drink deliciously, dance 24/7, scuba dive or snorkel, retire in a posh pad or camp: Paradise beach offers all this and more. 

How did Paradise become Paradise?

In the late 60s a handful of backpacking hippies discovered the remote beach known to Mykonos locals as “Kalamopodi”, accessible only by a rough donkey path down a mountain or by sea. As more and more folks began to “camp” there, a local who had farmland bordering the seaside created a small taverna to accommodate the growing number of visitors, eventually branching out into a rudimentary camping facility for overnight stays. Anastasios Daktylidis, aka “Freddy”, because everyone he met he would call “My Friend”, began with rustic hospitality. Today Paradise Beach has morphed into a fully-fledged resort facility that his children and grandchildren run.  

paradise beach mykonos

One Location, Many Venues

Paradise Beach has several restaurants, accommodation options and music clubs. Paradise and Tropicana facilities are on the beach and spread up the mountain; Cavo Paradiso sits on the cliff above Paradise Beach. The owners of the 3 different spaces are all cousins that shared a great grandfather who originally owned the mountain down to the beach.

As the success of Paradise grew, cousins Stamatis from Tropicana Club and Nikos of Cavo Paradiso created their own venues as well.

So Many Choices!

Paradise Beach offers a variety of restaurants and cuisine options from Mediterranean specialties to Asian fusion. You can dine on hot dogs, burgers, seafood pasta, pizza, sushi, steaks and souvlaki, as well as Greek favourites such as Moussaka and Pastitsio. There are mini-markets that save visitors the drive into town to shop for basics. 

The beach offers open spaces to just drop your towel on the sand as well as lounge chairs and umbrellas for a rental fee. 

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Beyond the shore you can enjoy the sea both above the surface and below. Paradise Beach offers Mykonos Dive, a scuba and snorkelling training facility that gives you the opportunity to become a PADI licensed diver.

mykonos diving center

Let’s Dance!

The party starts early and goes on until dawn at Paradise. At 4:30 pm the DJ has everyone brave enough up on top of the bar shaking some booty, and then some, at Paradise Beach Club. The action continues into the night with late night and after-hours sets and legendary full moon parties where revellers watch the moon dip into the sea as the sun rises.

For reservations and schedules check out the website of Paradise Club, awarded #14 best club worldwide in the DJMag annual poll, with celebrity DJs such as Tiesto and Erick Morillo. Paradise Beach Club features multiple restaurants and beach bars, with thousands of people from across the globe coming every summer.

paradise club mykonos

Tropicana Club turns up the music at 4:30 pm with DJ’s Argy and Terry, who are outrageously playful and fun loving! Don’t forget to check out the mountain of discarded champagne bottles at the entrance. Champagne showers are a thing here! For reservations and schedules of special events check out the website of Tropicana

Cavo Paradiso is regarded by the music industry community, artists and clubbers alike as one of the most impressive music and entertainment venues on the planet. The night club sits perched on a cliff above Paradise.

Overlooking the open sea, Cavo Paradiso has acquired legendary status in the wider international clubbing community. Clubbers party until dawn to watch the sun come up over the sea. Cavo Paradiso began as an after-hours party venue with David Morales, Frankie Knuckles and Louie Vega. Cavo Paradiso has one of the most intense summer artist schedules. For reservations and performance schedules check out Cavo website.

cavo paradiso mykonos

Accommodation on Paradise Beach

Accommodation on Paradise Beach is available with a variety of options. You can literally camp in a tent or go super luxurious. There is something for every budget and every taste. Paradise Beach facilities include tents, bungalows and upscale rooms.  

Out and about in Mykonos

If you want to stray from Paradise, there is plenty to explore in Mykonos. Have a look at all our articles to get inspired! You can also check out the island’s official site if you want to know more about Mykonos.

mykonos windmill

Once Volotea has brought you to Mykonos, you know you can count on Paradise Beach to make some great memories and enjoy moments in peace or partying with new friends and old.

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