Based in Mykonos, thanks to a Greek heritage, I've been writing and publishing articles since I was 14; I taught in junior colleges and high schools, owned and managed a bookstore and volunteered my time to several organizations while raising two sons.

The best spots to enjoy sunset in Mykonos
The best spots to enjoy sunset in Mykonos Sep, 15 2022

Mykonos offers a 24-7 party, beautiful beaches, exclusive clubs, international cuisine paralleled with breathtaking rugged mountains, azure seas and white cubist Cycladic architecture. And sunsets. Crimson, purple, gold, orange, pink, yellow. Mykonos has super sunset spots! You name it—Mykonos has a kaleidoscope of sunsets depending on the time of year, the humidity, cloud coverage and […]

Some tips to discover Mykonos at its best
Some tips to discover Mykonos at its best Jun, 23 2022

Historian, clubber, archaeologist, foodie, sunworshipper, architect, religious pilgrim, sports enthusiast, seafarer, zoologist or couch potato… Mykonos offers 360 degrees of possibilities! That’s the beauty of Mykonos: you can make your own Mykonos… be it quiet or hectic; early mornings or late nights; exploring antiquities dating 3000 years old or sunning it at the poolside with […]

Mykonos: no reservations required
Mykonos: no reservations required Jul, 27 2021

Known globally as the home of the 24/7 party, Mykonos has developed a reputation for glamourous guys and gals bouncing between beautiful beaches and clubs that rock all the way into dawn! You may be heading to Mykonos for a high potency clubbing and partying but don’t be surprised if you end up bewitched by […]