The best spots to enjoy sunset in Mykonos

The best spots to enjoy sunset in Mykonos

Mykonos offers a 24-7 party, beautiful beaches, exclusive clubs, international cuisine paralleled with breathtaking rugged mountains, azure seas and white cubist Cycladic architecture. And sunsets. Crimson, purple, gold, orange, pink, yellow. Mykonos has super sunset spots!

You name it—Mykonos has a kaleidoscope of sunsets depending on the time of year, the humidity, cloud coverage and the wind.

Between the hours of 7 to 9 pm throughout the summer, you can witness some spectacular sundowns in Mykonos.

mykonos panoramic view sunset

In the last few years several venues have been established just for the purpose of enjoying incredible Mykonos sunsets.

And although these venues are “purpose built for sunset,” there are plenty of other venues—hotels, cafes, tavernas and restaurants that offer fantastic views as the sun is swallowed by the sea each night.

Beyond commercial establishments where you can purchase a cocktail or a café, there are also free public areas where you can sit or stand and take in “mother nature’s show.” Whether it’s on a blanket on the beach, a bench or a stone stoop in Chora, the public parking lot on the waterfront or high above the town from a craggy perch, it is the very same exquisite sunset.

Locations for the best sunset views run across the southern to west coasts of the island beginning from Agios Yiannis Beach, Megali Amos Beach, Chora, Tagoo, Tourlos Port, Agios Stefanos and the lighthouse-Armenistis… and not just from the coast but from the sea as well!

agios stefanos sunset mykonos

In Town

In-town sunset viewing locations include the Windmills, Little Venice and Mykonos Town Harbor. You can stand in any of these areas and take in the view without any cost or you can find a café, cocktail bar or restaurant to have a coffee, a drink or a meal.

Little Venice

Little Venice is regarded as one of the best places on the island to watch the sun disappear at the end of the day. Give yourself a bit of time to look around and choose the location and venue that suits you best.

mykonos little venice sunset


There are windmills all across the island but “the” windmills sit perched above Little Venice, almost like sentinels guarding the island. Although there are no commercial venues to sit and watch the sunset there is plenty of space to walk around and enjoy unobstructed views.

windmills mykonos sunset

Mykonos Town Harbor

The semi-circled waterfront, known locally as “Yialos,” is filled with cafes, restaurants and bars. There are also public benches and the beach where you can simply stand or sit and watch the sunset. The best location varies with the time of year so it is best to arrive early so you can choose a location that gives you the optimal view.

Out of Town

Armenistis Lighthouse

Located 7 kilometers from the Chora, follow the signs to Fanari, as the Lighthouse is also called. Unobstructed views of ships coming and going to the harbor of Mykonos, the island of Tinos and the surrounding environment create a stunning drama to behold. There are no venues there so pack a picnic basket and bottle of wine or Prosecco to enjoy the show while sitting on a stone stoop perched above an endless blue awaiting orange, crimson and purple colors.

armenistis lighthouse mykonos

From the sea

For a sunset that sparkles however, the best vantage point is on the water. You can charter a sunset cruise to view the light show laid back on a sailboat. You can choose to view from the area near the island of Rhenia or take a front seat on the water just off Little Venice.

Set Sail Mykonos

The Aegean Sunset experience provides the perfect ending to a day in beautiful Mykonos. Set sail towards the horizon, with a glass of wine in hand, and watch as the sun is dipping into the water, as the blue sky transforms into hues of orange and red. Let the summer breeze free you of all your worries, and enjoy the majestic view, while the gentle waves rock you to the rhythm of nature at its best.

Venues out of town


A gentle breeze, a colorful sunset and sounds emitting from a lyrical violin performance by Tina Psalida make sunset cocktails at Anax Resort and Spa magical.

anax hotel mykonos

Hippie Fish

Hippie Fish is a multi-space beach restaurant. It combines Cycladean architecture with modern aesthetic. Hippie Fish is also the original location where the Paramount movie of Shirley Valentine was filmed. Back in these days Hippie Fish under the name Sunset was the scenery where the romance between Shirley Valentine and Costas was born. The movie was released in 1989 from Paramount Studios.

hippie fish mykonos

180 Degrees Sunset Bar

Castle Panigirakis has long been regarded as one of the best places to watch the sunset on all of Mykonos! Visitors flock to this site not just for the sunset, but also for their special events, such as destination weddings. This is actually a hotel that overlooks Mykonos Town and has one of the best views of the setting sun on the whole island. If you decide to stay here, be sure to request a room that faces the legendary sunset so that you can enjoy it every night!

180 degrees bar mykonos


Adelon was created in 2020 in Mykonos absorbing the energy of the magical sunset. With décor made from marble and wood, it affords a quality and character that befits this beautiful island. Not just a simple cocktail bar, it is an open air chill out bar. Panoramic images over Chora and the blue Aegean are the protagonists; especially at that magical time when the sun dips into the sea and paints the horizon with purple hues.

adelon mykonos sunset


Zuma Mykonos has unparalleled views across the Aegean Sea. Unveiling a first-of-its-kind lifestyle concept, this creative, multi-purpose destination is a new concept within the portfolio featuring a restaurant, lounge and bar, sleek infinity pool, day beds and resident DJ.

zuma mykonos

Wherever you decide to enjoy the sunset in Mykonos, it will be unique—a great transition from day into night!

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