Carry on enjoying the Sierra de Tramuntana with your five senses

Carry on enjoying the Sierra de Tramuntana with your five senses

Let’s continue our trip through the Sierra de Tramuntana, as our great adventure unfolds through these postcard landscapes of Mallorca. Get your five senses ready and carry on enjoying this trip with Volotea. Buckle up, and let’s jet off!

I hope you’ve had the chance to enjoy a tasty ice cream from Sóller as you stroll around the port, admiring the sort of twilight you’d see on the big screen. Now I’d like to show you even more spectacular locations.

Unmissable, quaint towns nestled in the Sierra De Tramuntana

Our next stop is famous for being one of those places you have to get a snap of.


The best way to describe it is as a town with a special, captivating charm. Once connected to the town of Sóller, the town’s constitutional rights as an independent municipality were recognised in 1837.

In 2017 it was chosen as Mallorca’s Most Beautiful Town, an honour that was officially recognised and bestowed on it by the Asociación de los Pueblos más Bonitos de España (The Association of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain). You’ll no doubt be wondering: what makes it so special?

Well, it has a landscape with captivating views so beautiful they’ll make you slam on the brakes… I guarantee it!

Fornalutx vistas

Park up and get walking. The first thing you’re sure to notice is the feeling that time has stopped here. The cobbled streets and stone houses complement each other perfectly. Make the most of your time here and get lost in the elevated area of the town where its most picturesque streets are. 

calles fornalutx

In the outskirts of the municipality, look to the rooftops of the houses are discover one of Fornalutx’s most definitive architectural characteristics: the painted roof tiles. Are you superstitious? These painted roof tiles held symbolic value, one of their purposes being to protect the residents of a given house from any kind of attack.


If you want to know more about the history of this idyllic town, I highly recommend visiting the Can Xoroi Cultural Centre.

After the breath-taking beauty of Fornalutx, we continue our journey along the very road that’ll take us to the town of Escorca (the MA10). But first, stop and take a moment to take in the views from the Ses Barques lookout.



This is the greatest expression of Sierra de Tramuntana’s spectacular beauty. If you enjoy canyoning, hiking, photography, or simply being in the heart of this natural landmark, you’ve come to the right place.

Our first stop brings us to Mallorca’s two reservoirs, Gorg Blau and Cúber. Naturally the area around us here is unique, but imagine climbing one of the 1000-metre peaks surrounding it…


Now, I’d suggest a change of course towards two other must-see, symbolic locations. Descending along a winding, narrow road you’ll arrive at Torrente de Pareis, declared a Natural Monument in 2003; and very close by you can visit one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca, Tuent Cove.


If mountains are more your thing, there’s a very easy-going hike close to the cove that takes less than an hour: the Sa Mola de Tuent climb. Why am I recommending it to you, you ask? A picture’s worth a thousand words.


Right, now it’s time to begin the ascent up the narrow road. Don’t floor it, be really careful!

Escorca is another sacred location that for many is a destination of pilgrimage, as this is the location of the Lluc Monastery, where you can find one of Mallorca’s most worshipped images, the Virgin of Lluc. If the winding trail has got you hungry, allow me to suggest a visit to the Sa Fonda restaurant which you’ll find in the same monastery, where you can savour some delicious Mallorcan cuisine; I recommend ordering the the Sierra de Tramuntana wine, in particular, from the vineyards of Mortitx.



We’re at the end of our trip, but I’d still like to show you one final must-visit stop: Pollensa, a medieval town heavily influenced by the Templars. As you stroll along its streets, you’ll notice their influence can still be felt to this day. Start from the Santo Domingo Convent, dating back to the 16th century, found right next to the Joan March Gardens. There are two key locations in Pollensa: Rooster Fountain, which is found in the plaza (called La Almoina) where they celebrate re-enactments of the battle between the Moors and the Christians; and the 365 steps of the Calvary.

fuente del gallo pollenca
Fuente del Gallo

If you fancy a break after all that, indulge at the Ca’n Butxaca ice-cream parlour and enjoy some of the best ice cream Mallorca has to offer.

Now allow me to show you the perfect ending to a dream trip. Jump in the car and head for the Formentor peninsula, where I’ve always felt like I’m ‘walking amongst giants’. Carry on until the road ends and you’ll arrive at Formentor lighthouse, a feat of complicated clifftop construction that has inspired many a great artist.

I’ll leave it at that, this location never fails to leave me speechless.


How’s that for a trip? This brings us to the end of our great adventure through picture-perfect landscapes, and I hope these two instalments will accompany you on your future travels. 

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