Easy cicle routes in Asturias

Easy cicle routes in Asturias

Asturias is a land that can be explored in a multitude of ways: on foot, on a bicycle, by motorbike, by car, on horseback, etc. Cycling is definitely one of the healthiest and most enjoyable ways of discovering the Natural Paradise, where there are some wonderful easy routes for exploring beautiful spots, while getting a bit of exercise at the same time.

These routes are ideal for families, as you can enjoy some amazing places without much effort!

Vía verde del Ferrocarril del Eo in San Tirso de Abres

senda del ferrocarril san tirso

The town of San Tirso de Abres, at the westernmost part of Asturias, is the starting point of a simple hiking route called Vía verde del Ferrocarril del Eo (PR AS-300). This ‘Green Way’ is ideal for families, whether walking or cycling. And this pleasant trail runs along an old disused railway line, where you’re surrounded by nature, as you discover industrial architecture, waterfalls, tunnels, salmon ladders and beautiful suspension bridges along the way.

The characteristics of the route are ideal for having fun without overexerting yourself, as it is straight and practically flat. The route from San Tirso de Abres to the border with the province of Lugo is 7km long, plus another 7km back, making a total of 14km, with an overall drop of only 45m and a duration – at a leisurely pace – of around three and a half hours.

Senda del Oso

senda del oso

The Senda del Oso (Bear Path) follows the route of an old mining railway, which has now been converted into one of Spain’s most popular Green Ways. It runs through the municipalities of Santo Adriano, Proaza, Quirós and Teverga. It’s ideal for calmly enjoying nature, as you don’t need to be fit for this route. Although you can walk it, you’re better off cycling for an unforgettable ride.

For a relaxed itinerary, the best option is to start off in Entrago (Teverga), and from this town ride continuously downhill – making it a very enjoyable excursion – to Buyera (Santo Adriano), at the lowest point of the route, and where there’s a recreational area very close to the bear enclosure, where you can see the bears Paca and Molina.

The distance between Entrago and Buyera is 18km, downhill, which you can easily cover in around two hours or two and a half hours, passing through wonderful woodland areas, a ravine, tunnels, bridges and villages.

Vía verde de El Tranqueru en Carreño

carreño asturias

This Green Way in the municipality of Carreño, and just over 1km long, was originally a modest mining railway, whose most spectacular section from a scenic point of view was between the stops of Perlora and Xivares, in the municipality of Carreño.

This unpaved track runs between the rocks of the cliffs and in some places practically flies over the Cantabrian Sea!

This short but delightful route will give you the opportunity to access the beach at El Tranqueru (which you can only reach via this Green Way), and at the other end of the Way, Xivares beach is another place of natural interest.

Vía verde de Fuso en Oviedo

castillo de las caldas oviedo

The Fuso Green Way (18 km there and back) starts at the Parque de Invierno park in Oviedo/Uviéu, and is almost completely flat and well surfaced, so you can walk it, cycle it or even roller skate it. It also has the advantage of picnic areas being located at different points for you to take a rest or have a snack.

After bridges, woodland, old mills and several tunnels (some of which are quite long), as well as spotting birds and other native species and seeing peaks and mountains in the distance, you’ll reach your destination at Fuso de la Reina, where you can see the waters of the longest and largest river in Asturias, the Nalón, with the thermal waters of Les Caldes, with its refurbished baths and spa, close by.

Coastal path from Poo Beach to Niembru in Llanes

playa de poo asturias

The coastal path crossing the municipality of Llanes and coinciding in some sections with the Northern Way or Coastal Way, is a great itinerary for enjoying on two wheels.

We would recommend a manageable route of approximately 9km, between Poo beach and the Niembru ría. It passes through some beautiful coastal scenery, cliffs and beaches, always against the backdrop of the Sierra del Cuera and Picos de Europa mountain ranges.

A unique setting in which to pass by beaches such as San Martín, Celorio, Borizu, Troenzo, Sorraos and Barro, to end your ride at the port of El Vao, in Niembru, with its beautiful ría.

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