San Pedro Mountain, take in the fresh air and have fun

San Pedro Mountain, take in the fresh air and have fun

A Coruña is home to a must-visit location if you want to disconnect from the rest of the world and take in the fresh Atlantic Ocean air. You can run, jump, eat, relax on the grass, take great photos, see the best views of the city, and listen to the sea waves. San Pedro Mountain is a place where you’ll find whatever tickles your fancy.

The history of San Pedro Mountain

On this mountain, you’ll find an old defensive post, which was converted into a park in 1999. It covers an area of over 90,000 square metres, so it’s the perfect place for all sorts of activities.

The first thing you’ll spot in this park are the huge cannons. They’re two Vickers pieces, which were acquired in 1929, installed in 1933, and are 17 metres long. Why not hop on top of one for a classic A Coruña photo?

cañon monte de san pedro

These cannons were used to defend the coastline during the inter-war period and they were fired 23 times – but never used during wartime. They were last fired in 1977 so they could be cleaned properly, and the sound of the blast echoed across the city.

The views from San Pedro Mountain

The amazing views from San Pedro Mountain are one of its main attractions. On one side, you have a view of the Atlantic Ocean, right along the coastline down to Arteixo and the Sisargas Islands (in the province of Malpica de Bergantiños). On the other side, you can look over A Coruña, the Ártabra coast, and the A Coruña Estuary where you can spot Mera, Santa Cruz, and the Oleiros coast. Further down are the Betanzos, Ares, and the Ferrol Estuaries and coastline, with views stretching all the way to its outer harbour.

vistas monte san pedro

When the Atlantic begins to work its magic, you’ll see how quickly and drastically the landscape can change. One day, the weather’s sunny. The next, the city is covered in a blanket of clouds – or vice versa. It’s a real visual masterpiece.

The panoramic lift

These views are even more impressive when you go up the Panoramic Lift, which is shaped like a crystal ball. Hop on to go down the side of San Pedro Mountain, all the way to the seafront promenade. From the comfort of the lift, you can enjoy an exceptional view overlooking the bay as it takes you down to the longest promenade in Europe, more than 13 kilometres long.

And, there’s something else to discover on San Pedro Mountain: the Atlantic Dome. It’s the only 360-degree covered viewpoint overlooking all of Spain, which you can access from the lower floor. From this viewpoint, you can see all the attractions on offer in this location from a high-up and sheltered location.

ascensor monte de san pedro

The sunsets

The great location of this mountain means you can see beautiful sunsets, as if you were at the cinema watching a film. From there, you can watch the sun set and dip below the horizon. If it’s a bit of a cloudy day, the colours can end up becoming more scattered, causing an even more impressive array of lights and colours. But the show’s not over once the sun hides under the horizon, because a new range of arguably even more stunning tones come out to play until nightfall. Get your camera ready and prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

puesta de sol monte san pedro coruña

The San Pedro Islands

Along the coast, under San Pedro Mountain, you’ll find O Portiño, an area filled with nature and easily reachable by car. Just a few metres out into the sea, you’ll find the San Pedro Islands, which were recently declared a National Landscape of Local Interest because of their biodiversity. You can see the islands from the park on San Pedro Mountain, and from the seafront promenade, you can also find the ‘Window to the Atlantic’ sculpture, a great seaside photo opportunity.

The maze and the park

The San Pedro Mountain Park is the perfect place to visit with your significant other or family. It’s a large park with lots of different attractions, where little ones and grown-ups alike can have fun. On one side, you’ll find a duck pond where you can learn more about these birds, and it’s something the kids will love just as much as the adults. Also, the area’s biodiversity means you’ll be able to see many different species of birds and hear their striking calls up close. On the other side of the park, there’s a large play-area, where kids can spend hours and hours playing.

But, one of San Pedro Mountain Park’s greatest attractions, the one everyone comes to see, is its English-style garden maze. This maze, which has been in the park since its reopening, has been replanted due to wear and tear and is currently growing back. You’ll be able to visit it again very soon though: it’s grown so much that you can’t even see the exit when you enter. When you’re inside, you’ll have to rely on your sense of direction to get to the middle and find the exit again.

laberinto monte san pedro

A top-tier restaurant

Lastly, one of A Coruña’s shrines to gastronomy can be found up on San Pedro Mountain; Árbore da Veira, the city’s only Michelin Star restaurant, ran by chefs Luis Veira and Iria Espinosa. Alongside magnificent views, you’ll have the chance to experience a spectacular range of flavours and sensations which put the region’s fresh and seasonal produce on show. It’s an experience you’ll need all five senses for.

Next door, you’ll find Taberna 5 Mares, which has a humbler offer of traditional dishes with a modern touch.

In short, if you’re planning a getaway to A Coruña, don’t forget to pay San Pedro Mountain a visit. It’s the perfect location to have fun and relax.

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