Summer in Zaragoza: 5 family days out

Summer in Zaragoza: 5 family days out

Ever thought of visiting Zaragoza during the summer time? If so, you’ve got the right idea because you’ll love it! If you like a holiday that’s a bit out of the ordinary, this really is the place for you! There’s a whole lot more to do here in the summer than just laze on the beach or explore the mountains. Attractions, swimming pools and water sports are great fun too. Keep reading to find out what Zaragoza has to offer in the summer for all ages.

Make the most of the summer with these five days out in Zaragoza

Let the good times roll! These summer activities in Zaragoza will keep you entertained, and you’ll learn a lot about this city on the banks of the river Ebro along the way. Let’s go!

Tour buses

The first thing to do when you get to Zaragoza is hop on one of the tour buses. Zaragoza has loads of interesting places to see and the easiest way to discover them is by taking a bus tour. There are three types of tour bus: daytime, evening and the Megabus.

Daytime tour bus

bus turistico zaragoza

There are daily bus tours in July and August, departing from Calle Jaime I, near Plaza de la Seo, all day from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. The tour lasts 90 minutes and has 16 stops. Take the tour without getting off the bus or get on and off as often as you like.

Throughout the tour you can use the earphones to listen to the narration available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or Chinese. The tour will give you the chance to get to know little-known spots around Zaragoza that aren’t in the guidebooks.

If you take the tour and get off at the same stop where you got on, I recommend you go down Calle Jaime I to Fantoba bakery. You’re going to love it because it’s been there since 1856 and hasn´t changed the décor. Treat yourself to an almond brittle, frutas de Aragon (chocolate coated candied fruits) or one of their original flavour ice creams. They even have peach and wine flavoured ice cream… it’s to die for!

parque labordeta zaragoza
José Antonio Labordeta park, one of the stops on the day bus


Do you know Professor ZZ Jones, expert in “zaragozology”? Hop on the Megabus and laugh out loud at her side-splitting take on the city of Zaragoza. The Megabus runs every Saturday from June to September and the first half of July. In the second half of July and August, it runs daily.

The ticket price for both the ordinary tour bus and the Megabus is eight euros. There are discounts for pensioners, students, the unemployed, disabled persons, large families and groups. Children under five go free.

At the tourist office you can buy a combined ticket for the daytime bus or Megabus, plus admission to the aquarium. On top of that, with daytime tour bus or Megabus tickets, you get three euros off your entry ticket to the amusement park.

plaza del pilar de noche zaragoza
Plaza del Pilar evening tour. The tour buses depart from the bus shelter.

Evening tour bus

The evening tour to see the Zaragoza city lights starts at 9:45 pm, lasts just over an hour and has no stops. It runs every Saturday from July to August and some Saturdays in September. On the tours, you can plug in your earphones and listen the explanations in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or Chinese.

The standard price is 11 euros. There are discounts for pensioners, students, the unemployed, disabled persons, large families and groups. Children under five go free. After your trip, don’t miss the great atmosphere in Zaragoza’s many bars and its local cuisine.

Amusement Park

Taking advantage of the tour bus offers, we just had to mention the amusement park, a great day out if you are a park fan.


You’ll find something for all the family. From rides for the tiniest tots to exhilarating high-speed rides that take you to dizzying heights, like Revolution or Gran Tikal. The park is also home to some of the locals’ best-loved attractions, like the Mississippi river boat and Magnetic House.

The amusement park opens from March to the end of October. In June, July and August it opens from Wednesday to Sunday. In the summer months, entry to the pool is included when you visit the park. It’s great for cooling off when it’s sweltering outside.

Luis Buñuel Water Park

parque del agua zaragoza

This is the biggest water park in Zaragoza, covering an area of more than 120 hectares. And it has a beach too. No, really, it does! Playas Zaragoza are swimming pools with white sand and a restaurant area. The “beaches” are open from June to early September.

Prices for Las Playas Zaragoza are €5.50 for over 14s from Monday to Friday and €6 on weekends. There are discounts for children, pensioners and disabled persons. Children under three go free.

Another thing to check out in the Water Park is the boating lake area. Rent a bike there or, in the summer, a kayak or a pedalo. You’ll find everything you need to keep cool and have a fun day out with your family.

Muel Park

parque de muel zaragoza

Muel is a town 30 kilometres outside Zaragoza and offers a really refreshing day out. Its park is on the banks of the Huerva river, which has several waterfalls and a lake for a welcome dip when it’s hot.

There are swings for the children and picnic tables. Once you’ve spent some time in the water park, take a stroll and discover the church of Nuestra Señora de la Salud, which holds some of Francisco de Goya’s most famous paintings.

Water sports at Club Náutico de Zaragoza

If water sports are your thing, Club Náutico de Zaragoza is the place for you. The club offers rowing and kayaking courses from May to October for anyone over the age of eight.

Another sport available here is paddleboarding. There are paddleboard courses, scuba diving for beginners, excursions and trips. Talking of trips, Club Náutico also offers kayak trips on the river Ebro. And a good lunch on the banks of the Ebro is a must, at Tres Mares restaurant.

kayak ebro zaragoza

So, do you fancy going on one of these day trips in Zaragoza this summer? As you can see, you won’t get bored. If you have more time and fancy some more summer activities in Zaragoza visit this page to see what else you can do in the city to keep all the family happy.

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