Pisa - Florence

Pisa - Florence

Surrounded by the Tuscany culture and atmosphere, Pisa is a lot more than a beautiful photo, a lot more than a tower and a lot more than a city. To reach the top of its iconic Tower of Pisa you will have to climb 249 steps until you reach its melodic bell tower. Let’s not forget its important cultural legacy: Pisa today is the host of three of Italy’s most relevant universities. Pisa is a mixture of knowledge, little backstreets, classic Mediterranean flavours and a lot of history.

Florence: the Capital of the Renaissance, the home of numerous landmark masterpieces of Western art, yet genuinely popular, with a population famous for their sharp tongue and bawdy humour. The first fashion capital of Italy, with the most sophisticated restaurants and shops, but also a university town, with an intense nightlife. So do marvel at the history and the art, but don’t forget to have a real Italian aperitivo, go to a market and visit the trendiest wine bars, and you’ll discover a lively and vibrant city.

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