Design & Fly : the contest

Design & Fly : the contest

To all designers of the world, whether professional or amateur, this is the competition you have been waiting for!

We have partnered up with ShowUsYourType, a creative project founded in 2009 that provides a platform for artists and designers from all around the world in order to share their talent while exploring cities from a unique perspective.

Over the past 10 years, ShowUsYourType explored 26 cities, 10 exhibitions around the world, spoke at international conferences, implemented typography workshops and was featured in numerous articles.

Since both of us share a love of travel, stimulate people’s sense of adventure and inspire them to explore their world, we have collaborated in order to organize the contest ¨Design & Fly¨ in 3 different cities divided across 3 months.

Interested in participating? Follow the steps below.

  1. Choose the city and the date that is more convenient for you!

City #1: Venice, Italy – From the 1st of May until the 28th of May

City #2: Bilbao, Spain – From the 1st of June until the 28th of June

City #3: Nantes, France – From the 2nd of July until the 28th of July

  1. Get inspired by following us! 

For each city, we will be sharing on Facebook ( & Instagram ( inspirations by exploring each culture.

  1. Create a poster that best describes the city in your own style. 

It must include the name of the chosen city (Venice, Nantes or Bilbao) and the rest is up to you. Feel free to use interpretations, illustrations, hand drawn elements, photography, stamps…anything goes! Surprise us!

  1. Submit the poster on the platform of 

The format of the poster should have the size of 396px (width) x 559px (height). Please save the jpg in your name.

  1. A selection of the best posters will be done at the end of each month.

The chosen participants will get their designs featured on all of our platforms, as well as in an exhibition! In case you are selected for the exhibition, please save the poster in A3 format 300 DPI.

It’s time to design!! Good luck to everyone.

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Ale Acosta, our Local Hero from the Canary Islands
Ale Acosta, our Local Hero from the Canary Islands
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