Best Beaches in Menorca: The Top Ten

Best Beaches in Menorca: The Top Ten

Beloved by tourists from all over the world, Menorca – in the Balearic archipelago – is an enchanting destination to spend your summer holidays. It’s a wild island full of charm, with wonderful places to visit, beautiful locations, an excellent gastronomy and, above all, some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

What is most striking about the “Windy Isle”is the variety of its landscapes: from its wild promontories to the turquoise waters of its coastline. Stay here and discover the magic.

Menorca Beaches: secluded coves and pristine bays

With its 216 kilometres of coastline, Menorca boasts 80 beaches and numerous coves, all characterised by the splendid turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The island is a great family destination, as the water is often very shallow and calm, and is also ideal for those looking for remote and pristine stretches of sand. Its wide range of beaches will satisfy all kinds of tastes.

To help you choose the best beach for you, we bring together the best beaches in Menorca for you, based on key factors such as accessibility, services, and attractions.

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The 10 most beautiful beaches in Menorca

Are you ready to start planning your next trip? Here are the 10 best beaches in Menorca.

1. Cala Macarella

Cala macarella menorca

Considered the most beautiful beach in Menorca, this small cove of white sand, surrounded by pine trees, flanked by cliffs, and lapped at by beautiful blue waters, is a real delight. Located on the southwestern side of the island, Cala Macarella is part of the island’s Natural Area of Special Interest on the southern coast of Ciutadella.

It is also easily accessible by car, and there is a large free parking area nearby. Although it is a virgin beach, it has a lifeguard service (June to September), toilets, and public transport. There is also a typical chiringuito, a beach bar, Susy bar, an island landmark. However, it is not a beach where you can rent deckchairs and sun umbrellas.

The views from its cliff are incredible and you can visit a smaller beach, Cala Macarelleta, which has a more remote and peaceful atmosphere. Because this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca, we recommend that you go to Cala Macarella early in the morning or at sunset to avoid the tourist crowds.

2. Son Bou

son bou menorca

Among the best beaches in Menorca is Son Bou, which is also the largest thanks to its 2.4 kilometres of golden sand. It also runs along the southern coast, a shallow bay with small dunes. It is usually full of tourists.

In Son Bou the sand is soft and the seawater is clear. There are many clubs as well as hotels and tourist villages. Suitable for families, Son Bou boasts several European certifications and a Blue Flag that confirms the quality of its waters and total safety.

3. Cala Mitjana

One of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca, Cala Mitjana is a stunning bay on the south of the island, with tall pine-covered cliffs on either side and shallow, calm, bright blue waters. There is a small car park a few steps away, but in high season it fills up quickly, so it’s best to access the beach by boat.

As with many of Menorca’s beaches, its remoteness and lack of facilities are part of its charm, but be prepared… you won’t find any bars or services on the beach.

In the high season, the bay is very busy, so it’s best to arrive early and bring enough supplies for the day. Swim around the headland or hike the cliff to Cala Mitjaneta, to enjoy similar beauty with fewer people.

Cala Mitjaneta

4. Cala Turqueta

cala turqueta menorca

And how could we not mention Cala Turqueta, located in the north of the island?

110 meters wide and surrounded by pine trees and lush low vegetation, it is one of the most beautiful coves in Menorca thanks to its transparent and calm waters, of a turquoise blue that leaves you speechless – so much so that the beach is called “Turqueta”.

To reach it, go to Ciutadella and follow the signs. Once there, after a short walk from the parking area, you will feel like you are stepping into an extraordinary postcard.

5. Son Saura

son saura menorca

With sheltered and shallow waters and fine white sand where you can relax in the sun, Son Saura, in the south-west of the island, is one of the unmissable Menorca beaches

Behind it rises a splendid virgin pine forest, and a free parking area is about a 10-minute walk away. The sea here is calm, transparent, and light blue, with spectacular hues.

Like many other coves in Menorca, Son Saura is also completely unspoiled, so much so that there is not even a small bar to buy a bottle of water. So it is best to bring your own supplies, perhaps in a small fridge bag. It is perfect for couples, groups of friends and for those who love to sail in a boat, snorkel, and admire the wonders of its seabed.

6. Punta Prima

Among the most beautiful coves of Menorca, again on the south coast, Punta Prima is a favourite in Menorca. It is about 200 metres long and is located within a large inlet that creates its low and sandy bottoms and protects it from the winds and currents characteristic of the Mediterranean island.

Just across from Punta Prima stands the “Illa del Aire” lighthouse, which cannot be reached and is not open to visitors, but which is absolutely enchanting to admire from afar.

7. Cala Pregonda

cala pregonda menorca

In stark contrast to the white sands of the southern beaches, Cala Pregonda, in the north of the island, is famous for its reddish sand. Two tiny islets just off the shore protect it from the wind, and the water here is often very calm.

Like much of the northern coast, this bay is quieter than the southern ones, but it can still get crowded in the high season. There are only two ways to reach it: by sea or taking a twenty-minute walk. The trip is really worth it: crystal-clear waters, a lush pine forest, and red sand make Cala Pregonda a little corner of paradise.

8. Cala Blanca

cala blanca menorca

Cala BlancaBlanca means white, like its sand – is one the most beautiful coves of Menorca just five kilometres from Ciutadella, on the East side of the island.

It is a beautiful, small beach embedded in a rather deep rocky cove. This small U-shaped beach is flanked on both sides by rocky cliffs that are not too high and rugged, and behind it stand the typical white houses found in the most touristy areas of Menorca. Unlike other beaches, here you can rent sunbeds, sun umbrellas, pedal boats, and enjoy various water sports.

9. Cavalleria

cavalleria menorca

Cavalleria deserves a special mention as it is still totally virgin. Suffice it to say that to reach it you need to leave the car in the large, sandy parking area and walk down a path for at least 10 minutes.

Located 9 kilometres from Es Mercadal, between Punta des Vernis and de Ferragut, the beach is completely protected by the imposing Cap de Cavalleria, the northernmost promontory of Menorca.

What is most remarkable about it is the colour of its sand, a deep red, a strand about 450 meters long and the green sea of Menorca. The contrast with the brown rocks that surround is very striking.

10. Cala Mesquida

mesquida menorca

Also known as S’Arenal de sa Mesquida, Cala Mesquida is, according to f those who have been there, one of the most spectacular beaches in Menorca.

It is located in the North of the island, very close to the capital, Mahón. During the summer, especially in August, it usually gets very crowded. There is a car park which is about a 200-metre walk from the beach.The area also has hammocks, sun umbrellas, and sunbeds where you can spend an unforgettable day in the sun. 5 minutes from Cala Mesquida is Cap Roig, one of the most famous seaside restaurants in Menorca.


The sea in Menorca has nothing to envy the Caribbean. From north to south there are so many beaches that you will be spoiled for choice. From the most crowded to the most remote, from white sandy beaches to pristine rocky coves, Menorca will captivate you at first sight.

Whether you’re visiting Menorca for a short stay or a longer holiday, be sure to add a visit to one or more of these amazing beaches to your to-do list. You will not regret it!

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