Holidays to Lampedusa: our tips

Holidays to Lampedusa: our tips

Discover the island in the blue heart of the Mediterranean, whose charms will make you fall under its spell no sooner than touching down there: Lampedusa. A holiday here is not just a full immersion in dream beaches caressed by a crystal-clear sea of a thousand shades!

Its authenticity, its breathtaking landscapes, the thousands of tales and legends, are key to discovering the Lampedusans, their traditions, and their hospitality.

This jewel of the Pelagian Islands offers something for everyone, so here are some top tips to plan an unforgettable holiday in Lampedusa.

Island of Lampedusa: Useful tips for planning a holiday

First, after choosing the travel dates, check the availability of flights to Lampedusa and the hotel/apartment in the area of the island that interests you. Even if the island can be reached by sea from the main Sicily ports, flying is the most comfortable and fastest choice.

Given the high demand for flights and stays, especially in the summer, I recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

So, once you make it here… what is there to see and do in this slice of Heaven?

Dream beaches

It’s hard to pick the queen of Lampedusa beaches! Its 26 kilometres of coastline are dotted with dreamy bays, coves and beaches lapped at by a Caribbean-like sea. How could you not love them all?

Spiaggia dei Conigli beach and Isola dei Conigli Island

spiaggia dei conigli lampedusa

If you ask me, this is the most beautiful beach in Lampedusa. An Italian pearl coveted by the whole world, so much so that it has been named multiple times as of the most beautiful beaches in the world by the Traveler’s Choice Beaches Awards .

Whether you arrive by car or bus, to “earn” a place on this beach, you will need to follow a path (for approximately 20 minutes) through the Mediterranean scrub and stunning landscapes!

A kiosk rents umbrellas for €10 a day. Remember that, to place it on the beach, you will need to ask the volunteers of the environmental associations who oversee the area for instructions. It’s not just tourists, this stretch of fine-sand is frequented by caretta caretta turtles, which return here year-on-year to lay their eggs.

You will never tire of watching the sun glisten on that sea, or taking walks to the neighbouring Isola dei Conigli.

isola dei conigli lampedusa

At low tide, the isthmus of white sand that connects the small island to the mainland allows you to reach the Isola dei Conigli island on foot. Don’t miss the viewpoint from Spiaggia dei Conigli beach, especially if photography is your thing! I also recommend “Belvedere dei Conigli” on your way back from the beach.

Baia della Tabaccara

Rather than a beach in the traditional sense, rather a bay that is accessible only by sea. It’s a must on any Lampedusa holiday! Check out its crystal clear waters and the white cliffs around the bay. They even offer snorkelling and diving for beginners, for that truly, unforgettable experience.

Guitgia Beach

guitgia lampedusa

One of Lampedusa’s most popular white-sand beaches, between the port and the main town of the island. Its turquoise hues are this cove’s most striking feature, around which you will find a myriad of cafes and restaurants to relax, have lunch or dinner.

Cala Creta

A rocky cove equipped with a platform, sun umbrellas, and a small bar. There shimmering waters here are crystal-clear.

Cala Madonna Beach

cala madonna lampedusa

A cove with a beach that mixes sand and rocks, equipped with sun umbrellas.

Cala Francese

The closest cove to Lampedusa airport. The beach has fine sand,  is equipped with sun umbrellas and deck chairs that you can rent for a fee, and has a refreshment point.

Things to do in the city

The “historical core” of the island of Lampedusa revolves around Via Roma and the alleys that converge here. Take an evening stroll down Via Roma, with its quaint shops, as you search for that perfect souvenir or typical food and wine products of the island or a place from which to admire the spectacular Lampedusa sunsets!

I also recommend that you visit in this area:

  • The MARP – Archaeological Museum of the Pelagic Islands and its temporary exhibitions;
  • The Lampedusa Historical Archive, with its exhibitions documenting life on the island;
  • The Lampedusa Sea Turtle Recovery Centre, in the Punta Sottile area;
  • The symbol of Lampedusa is the famous Gate of Europe, Cavallo Bianco promontory. It symbolises all migrants who died at sea in search of freedom.

After a long walk, I suggest you try the ice creams and the spectacular pistachio granitas at the“Bar dell’Amicizia”.

Stop for lunch or dinner in the city centre or on Lungomare del Porto Nuovo. Experience the authentic taste of Lampedusa cuisine, a real mix between Sicilian traditions and those of nearby North Africa.

porticciolo lampedusa

“musts” around the island

Even though the allure of the beaches will be strong, don’t miss a tour of the island, be it by land and by sea, to better take in the history and natural beauty of Lampedusa.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Porto Salvo is a must and dates back to 1202. It is a sacred place for both Christian and Muslim believers.

The Grande Damnuso-Casa Teresa Museum is a typical local construction, and the oldest in Lampedusa. In 2006, its interiors were transformed by the Region of Sicily into a museum of culture and life in the damnusi.

Not to be missed are the views from the Punta Albero del Sole and from the Capo Grecale lighthouse.

One of the unmissable things to see and do in Lampedusa is a boat ride around the island. This magical experience will enable you to admire the Pelagian islands from the privileged viewpoint of its sea.

To enjoy this experience to the fullest, I recommend that you take part in a trip run by local fishermen on their boats. Enrich your time Lampedusa through direct contact with the locals, discovering local tales and legends.

barca lampedusa

A holiday in Lampedusa has many things to offer in any season, whether you are travelling alone, with friends, or with your family.

Are you ready to pack your bags and leave, now that you have been inspired by these images and words? Lampedusa awaits!

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