Sardinia through the eyes of the singer Luna Melis

Sardinia through the eyes of the singer Luna Melis

Thinking of visiting Sardinia soon? We’d love to be your DJs for the trip! We’ve created a Sardinia playlist just for the occasion, and you’ll get a little taste of what’s to come below. Local artists only!

To learn more about this beautiful island, we got in touch with Luna Melis, the young pop-trap singer from Sardinia who became famous in her country thanks to the famous TV programme X Factor. As she is local, we’ve asked her a few questions about what they think of your next destination and if she has any recommendations.

Hi Luna, how are you? Thanks so much for accepting this interview. How would you describe yourself to Volotea passengers who might not know you?

Hi everyone! Thank you for this opportunity! I like to describe myself as a person who loves to live life. I live for music and my family and friends. I really enjoy making people feel good and safe with me and I care about literally everything (I’m very empathic). I will always try to make you see the good in everything!

Congrats on your most recent release, KO, where you draw influence from genres such as K-Pop and RnB. How do you think your home island might inspire the music you make in the future?

I think Sardinia gives good vibes to everyone, to me in particular as it’s my home. There so many special places where I like to go to inspire myself doing something great for me and my music. Energy is everything, and Sardinia really gives energy out of this world.

And since we’re talking about Sardinia, we’d love to hear your recommendations about this beautiful region. For example, what would be your top 3 outdoor activities and where?

I’d like to say going to the discos on the beach, go surfing and mountain excursions!

What is the best way to move from one place to the other in Sardinia?

Honestly, car rides are the best cause you can see our beautiful landscapes.

If we’d like to listen to some live music or go for a late night dance, where should we go?

Opera Beach Arena or Ateneika, both in Cagliari.

Which are the most beautiful beaches on the island?

Stintino, Villasimius, Costa Rei, Solanas, La Maddalena and Santa Teresa di Gallura.

And if we get hungry, where should we book a table to taste some local dishes?

Taccas in Cagliari is so good, but also Pani e Casu in Quartu is really nice.

What’s your favourite thing to eat that is typical from your region?

Seadas, absolutely. But roasted pig is on another level in Sardinia.

Where would you go for a romantic walk and perhaps watch the Sardinian sunset?

Maybe on lungomare Poetto, a must.

Are there any beautiful small towns that maybe not everyone knows about that you could suggest visiting?

Yes, inland is full of beautiful small towns where you can also enjoy really good food and beautiful mountain landscapes.

And last but not least, if you could book your next holiday with Volotea, what destination would you like to visit and why?

I’d really love going to Santorini, it’s one of my dreams.

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