10 viewpoints to enjoy Asturias

10 viewpoints to enjoy Asturias

If there’s something you will find in Asturias, it’s viewpoints to feast on the beauty before your eyes. There are all kinds of viewpoints: on the coastline and inland, overlooking the sea and the mountains, completely natural and manmade, so you can benefit to the maximum from all the options of the thousands and thousands of landscapes. Furthermore, many of them are part of gorgeous trekking routes.

Here are 10 viewpoints that will definitely make you fall in love with Asturias landscape – that is, if you aren’t already in love.

Mountain viewpoints

A Paicega

The A Paicega viewpoint, in Pesoz, stands in a former workers’ settlement, built in the 1950s for the workers building the Salime dam. Even though it is now abandoned, time seems to have stopped, and it’s worth stopping to take in the amazing view of the Navia River, the Grandas de Salime dam, and the surrounding mountains.

mirador a paicega asturias

El Fitu

The El Fitu viewpoint, in Parres, is one of the best-known in Asturias and offers stunning views of the Sueve and Picos de Europa mountains and the Cantabrian Sea. On clear days, you can even see the city of Gijón/Xixón.

el fitu mirador asturias

Mirador de la Reina

The Mirador de la Reina viewpoint is one of the most popular in the Picos de Europa National Park. It is by the side of the road going up to the Covadonga Lakes, in Cangas de Onís. From there, you will have a 360º view, with the Picos de Europea mountains behind you, all the way to Onís, Cangas de Onís, de Parres, Cabrales, and the Cuera mountains. On clear days, you can see all the way to the Cantabrian Sea in Ribadesella and Llanes.


Muniellos, in Cangas del Narcea, is considered the forest among forests. Visiting it is an astounding experience. On the road leading up to Connio mountain pass, exactly on kilometre 11, there is a small lay-by, where you can park and take in the lovely view of Muniellos, with information panels too.

mirador de muniellos asturias

Coto Bello

The Coto Bello viewpoint is one of the most beautiful belvederes in Aller, at the heart of Asturias’ Central Mountains. There, at the site of a former outdoor mountain mine, after ten kilometres up a sinuous road, stands this viewpoint. An information sign shows all the local peaks: Peña Mea, Peña Negra, Pico Torres, El Toneo, El Estorbín, La Liebre, Ranéu, Ranoriu, La Texera, and el Carrascón, among others.

mirador de coto bello asturias

Coastal viewpoints

La Boriza

The La Boriza viewpoint, in Llanes, affords spectacular view of Andrína beach, to the East, and Ballota beach, to the West. You will also be able to see the town of Llanes and the Cuera and Picos de Europa mountains, as well as a wide view of a large part of the Eastern coastline. An unforgettable spot. 

mirador de la boriza asturias

Cabo Busto

Cabo Busto is one of the main natural promontories on Asturias’ West coast. It is in Valdés, near a lighthouse and Bustu village. The view from Cabo Busto includes beaches and cliffs, as well as a glimpse of the town of Luarca, and the vastness of the Cantabrian Sea.

Cabu Peñes

This is the northernmost point in Asturias, located in Gozón, and its majestic cliffs make it a privileged location to view a large part of the coastline. In addition to its amazing views, you can visit the lighthouse, whose ground floor has been turned into a Visitors’ Centre and the Peñas Centre for the Marine Environment. You can also walk along the cliffs on a pedestrian path with explanatory panels about the local environment.

mirador cabu peñes asturias

San Roque

This is one of the best-known viewpoints on the Asturian coastline, located in the town of Llastres, in Colunga, because it offers stunning views: the beauty of Llastres and its beaches, La Griega beach, and the Picos de Europa mountains in the background.

You can drive up to this viewpoint, which has a small parking area, as well as leisure facilities with a children’s area, a barbecue area, a fountain, and tables. And all this next to San Roque chapel.

mirador de san roque asturias

El Sablón

In Cudillero, very near Oviñana village, this is considered one of the most stunning viewpoints in Asturias. It stands at the top of the cliffs, and there’s a bench to take in the amazing view. It’s only a 15-minute drive from the town of Cudillero, one of the most popular tourist areas in the West coast of Asturias.

el sablon asturias

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10 viewpoints to enjoy Asturias
10 viewpoints to enjoy Asturias
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