Asturias and the magic of Christmas

Asturias and the magic of Christmas

Christmas and all its magic is once again at our doorstep. Cloaked in whites, greens, and sometimes woody and rocky hues, Asturias is a unique symphony of colours and sounds and home to some incredible sights. You’ll definitely come away from this magical location with some unforgettable memories.

Asturias has everything you need to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas: a fantastic atmosphere in the local towns and cities, dreamy landscapes, street markets and shops for the perfect gift, restaurants and cider pubs where you can try amazing local food, incredible places to stay, tonnes of cultural activities, and lots of chances to chill out in nature.

plaza oviedo

Cities where you’ll never be bored

When Christmas rolls around, the cities of Asturias become even more beautiful – if that’s even possible. The streets become filled with music, lights, locals, and kids excited about their presents, dreaming about ice rinks and a whole host of Christmas activities perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Shopping is another ideal activity for this time of year. As well as the usual shops, the local Christmas markets are really something to see, and they’re a great place to find original gifts at affordable prices.

Basically, there’s an endless list of cultural activities for you to get stuck into during the Christmas period…

luces navidad oviedo

Towns from Christmas tales

Around autumn and winter, the landscapes of Asturias become truly enchanting. There are rivers, streams, waterfalls, and green valleys soon to be tinted white, frozen peaks, the sea in all its splendour, the waves, the whispers of the wind…

And as if by magic, fairy-tale towns appear in the heart of the valley, suspended from hillsides or perched high upon them. Towns with panoramic views overlooking the mountains or the coast, or both…

Blanketed in snow or not, these towns really are straight out of the kind of Christmas story that makes you feel like a happy kid again.

cudillero asturias

Slow-paced rural environments

Rural tourism is an excellent choice if you want to have a complete but alternative Christmas. It’s a quiet, casual, and friendly option. Whether you’re in a village house or a comfortable apartment, the fire in the hearth is seldom an unwelcome guest, helping to create – in the most literal sense of the term – a warm environment.

This really is an authentic way to see this Natural Paradise, allowing you to gaze over incredible landscapes in locations which combine local traditions with the customs of modern daily life in spectacular fashion.

It’ll open up all sorts of activities to you: walks, trips, hiking, different sports in natural environments…

picos de europa panorama
Picos de Europa

Scrumptious gastronomy

The local food is a key part of the Christmas experience in Asturias. Tables everywhere, in homes, restaurants, and cider pubs, are covered in super tasty delicacies. There’s local meat, fish, seafood, sausages, cheeses, cider, wine from Cangas, traditional sweets, and much more.

You’ll find a whole world of different lunches, afternoon snacks, and dinners to either try for the first time or to eat once more, and here’s the best part: it’s all wonderful Christmas food.

estofado asturiano

There are a whole host of sensations just begging to be enjoyed in a very lively, happy, and friendly environment, which is sure to make your Christmas stay in Asturias one to remember.

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