Unmissable beaches near Alghero

Unmissable beaches near Alghero

Alghero is one of the most coveted destinations in northern Sardinia. The capital of the Coral Riviera offers endless possibilities: archaeological sites, traditional restaurants, a strong Catalan influence, incredible sunsets like the one over Capo Caccia and, of course, beautiful beaches.

Where to go to the beach in Alghero

There are countless places where you can go to the beach in Alghero. Here are my favourites:

Lido di Alghero beach is the best choice if you’re looking for somewhere within walking distance from the centre. This beach spans the entire city coastline, where you’ll find various private beaches, beach clubs, and bars, where you can have a drink with a sea view. It’s a sandy beach with shallow waters, always bustling with locals. For a real local experience, buy yourself a focaccia from Milesi and eat it with your feet in the water.

Lido di Alghero

The best beaches near Alghero 

Our tour of the best beaches around Alghero starts with one of the best-known and most iconic of all: le Bombarde.

You’ll find every comfort on this beach: from the large car park to the beach clubs and it is just 10 km from the centre of Alghero. Here the seabed drops away sharply, and the colours range from shades of turquoise to green hues. It’s surrounded by stunning rocks and thick Mediterranean scrub, so head to the woods if you enjoy an afternoon nap in the shade.

spiaggia le bombarde alghero

Nearby, check out one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia: Nuraghe Palmavera. And if you have time between one beach and the next, go and see one of the biggest necropolises on the island: Angelu Ruju.

In the area surrounding Alghero you’ll see a wealth of biodiversity among the most beautiful on the island: While you are in the area, don’t miss Porto Conte Park, a vast and unique area.

The park’s vegetation forms the backdrop for another of the best beaches around Alghero: Torre del Porticciolo beach.

spiaggia torre del porticciolo
Torre del Porticciolo beach

Dominated by the Aragonese Tower, this beach forms a crescent shape. Head there if you’re looking for a beach immersed in the tranquillity of nature. Getting there involves a short walk from the free car park. The beach is a mixture of fine sand and pebbles smoothed by the sea. Its shallow waters shimmer with incredible turquoise hues. Don’t forget your snorkel! 

An unmissable cove near Alghero  

If you like little coves as much as I do, I’ll let you in on the secret of my favourite nearby Alghero: Cala Dragunara is a little gem nestling in the Mediterranean scrub, well, a tiny gem. Go early in the morning or around sunset as the car park is small and the space on the beach is very limited too.

Its crystal-clear depths reveal incredible shades that amaze me every time I go. It is shallow and rocky several metres out.

cala dragunara

The only service you’ll find there is a little bar and an old jetty to dive off or sunbathe on if you can’t find any space on the beach. 

What to do around Alghero

Apart from visiting its most beautiful beaches, you should definitely take a trip to the old mining town of Argentiera. These days the place is considered a little ghost town, with thick vegetation framing the remains of the old mine. Between the cliffs, you will find Cala dell’Argentiera; the bay is divided into two beaches, one is large and very close to the town and the other more secluded: Cala Onano, another perfect place to go to if you like snorkelling and unspoilt nature.

argentiera alghero

Now for another of my favourite beaches on the island, but I must tell you it’s not easy to get to because it is situated at the foot of a cliff. You’ll see Rena Majore della Nurra beach below you as you look out over an incredible view. I may be repetitive but the colours of some of Sardinia’s beaches are truly unforgettable. Leave your car in the free car park and then take on the steep slope down to the beach, always remembering that it will be a steep climb back up. It’s not too challenging but remember to take water and a comfortable pair of shoes – you’ll be glad you did.

rena majore della nurra

Beaches to visit in the surrounding area  

The last beach on my list is an hour’s drive from the city centre, a trip of around 50 km but well worth it once you get there. La Pelosa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, so it is always very crowded in the summer. If you have the chance, go in low season or make sure you reserve your spot. To conserve the beach, the municipality of Stintino allows access on booking and payment only and you must take a rush mat, not an ordinary towel, to avoid wasting the little sand still left. The colours of La Pelosa beach, particularly in the middle of the day, are unique in their hues. If you can’t find space on La Pelosa, next to it you’ll find the beautiful and free La Pelosetta beach.

la pelosa stintino
La Pelosa

From Stintino, organise a trip to Asinara National Park. You can visit it by sea or by land and it is one of the key and most beautiful places to visit in Sardinia.

parco asinara sardegna

I hope this guide to the most beautiful beaches nearby Alghero has been helpful. You may also like my article nine things to see in Alghero in every season. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your trip to Sardinia, take a look here.

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