Lucia Cosseddu

Lucia Cosseddu


I’m a Sardinian with a nomadic spirit, a modern storyteller. I have lived on three continents and have made travel into a lifestyle. My blog is Una sarda tra le nuvole.

Nature parks in Sardinia: where to start?
Several cities
Nature parks in Sardinia: where to start? Sep, 28 2022

Sardinia offers a multitude of diverse and unique landscapes that range from towering, jagged cliffs to gentle sandy bays. The Supramonti mountain range is a must visit with unspoilt waterfalls, forests and woodlands all waiting to be explored. In this article I’ll be taking you on a tour of my favourite regional and national nature […]

Unmissable beaches near Alghero
Unmissable beaches near Alghero Aug, 30 2022

Alghero is one of the most coveted destinations in northern Sardinia. The capital of the Coral Riviera offers endless possibilities: archaeological sites, traditional restaurants, a strong Catalan influence, incredible sunsets like the one over Capo Caccia and, of course, beautiful beaches. Where to go to the beach in Alghero There are countless places where you […]

Top 7 beaches around Cagliari
Top 7 beaches around Cagliari Aug, 11 2022

If you are looking for the best beaches near Cagliari, this is the post for you. I’m Cagliari born and bred, and cannot wait to tell you about the most beautiful breaches, all of which have different landscape, services, and area.  Cagliari beaches If you are in Cagliari, I recommend spending a day in Poetto, […]

A food tour of South Sardinia
A food tour of South Sardinia Jul, 1 2022

As a Sardinian, I always say that the sea is only a beautiful backdrop for a picture full of history, archaeology, nature and an extensive food and wine tradition. If you go to Sardinia, tantalise your tastebuds with the rich and diverse culinary aspect. Here are some of the most important and typical dishes of […]

The most important traditional festivals in Sardinia
The most important traditional festivals in Sardinia May, 24 2022

Sardinia still holds on tight to its ancient traditions, many of which are passed down and kept alive through festivals and rituals. There are hundreds of religious, secular and pagan holidays celebrated on the island. In this post, I’m going to let you in on the most important ones. As it’d be impossible to name […]