Biennale Architettura

Biennale Architettura

An exhibition event that every other year attracts visitors, and not only architecture professionals.

The customary appointment with the Biennale Architettura will kick off at the end of May and can be visited until 25 November.


Every other year, the exhibition is dedicated to art – to which it owes its birth in 1895 – and to architecture. This year the exhibit, under the title “Freespace”, will analyse spaces – a fundamental part of architecture – with a debate on their use. The exhibition has been set up by two women designers, Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara.

With a stroll down the tree-lined avenues of the exhibit to the Gardens, where the sector’s ideas that each year develop around a specific theme can be seen in the historic pavilions of the different countries.


After “Common Ground” of the 2012 edition, in which the underlying theme was the question of how to organise common space, a probe into contemporary and future architecture entitled “Foundamentals” following in 2014.

In 2016, “Reporting from the Front” offered a viewpoint on the different challenges that architecture has to deal with.

The exhibition of new forms and the use of new materials often deliberately proposes projects in a provocative manner in order to arouse or awaken the visitor’s interest or new awareness.

I never miss the opportunity to visit this interesting exhibit even if, I must confess, often the proposals displayed appear to be funny or incomprehensible like for many “amateurs”.

But like its twin dedicated to art, this exhibit presents the possibility to take a stroll through Venice. After the pavilions at the Gardens, the visit continues just a few minutes away in the unique setting of the Arsenale.


Depending on the time, one of the many trattorias along the way can be taken advantage of or, if it is still not lunchtime, a few local “cicchettos” can be relished along with a glass of wine.

Special events and a line-up of meetings linked to the exhibition will offer the opportunity to visit other places around the city, and also expose us to new ideas and trends of architecture coming from every country around the world, an opportunity that goes beyond the customary tour of Venice.

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