Romantic travel plans for falling in love with Sevilla

Romantic travel plans for falling in love with Sevilla

Any old guide can smother you with points of interest for tourists and enormous lists of ‘interesting’ places to see in the city, but who ever said that guides like that are what us adventurers want? That’s why we made this guide of the TOP 10 Most Romantic Travel Plans in Sevilla for you. We like getting straight to the point, as we’re sure you also do, which is why we’re inviting you to discover these TOP 10 Best Places for Romantic Experiences.

We’d just like to make clear one small, but very important, detail. This Sevillian top 10 isn’t just a couples thing, it’s romantic purely because you’ll fall in love with the music, the architecture, the trees around you, etc. And if, before your trip to Sevilla, you’d like to learn more about this magical destination and get yourself inspired, take a look at Volotea’s suggestions for films, books and music for getting to know Andalucía.

Right, off we go!

10 Romantic Travel Plans in Sevilla To Awaken Your Inner Adventurer

1. Monte Gurugú

Parque María Luisa is one of the many must-sees in the Sevillian capital. Visitors lose themselves after just one step walking around the park’s ample gardens, enjoying the flowers, taking a couple of selfies, etc. Many of the visitors to Monte Gurugú are locals leaving the outside world behind them, and it goes without saying that tourists and adventurers alike should do the same. You’ve got to give it a go!

We’re going to give you some history facts, but they’re only short – we don’t want to bore you. The Duke of Montpensier purchased the Palacio de San Telmo (Palace of San Telmo) in 1849; in addition to refurbishing it he also constructed some gardens, and this is where Monte Gurugú is found. You should also know that during the 1929 Expo, there was a small train which travelled via the tunnel cutting through this romantic mountain.

Monte Gurugú is a romantic scene beyond the gardens and the Montpensiers. This corner of the Sevillian sky is where many young couples sneak off for their first kiss.

puente de los pájaros sevilla
Bridge of Birds, Parque de María Luisa

2. Puente de los Pájaros (Bridge of Birds) and the Notes of a Violin

Not every bridge is surrounded by so many birds and so much green, and nor are they always so lucky as to go over lakes instead of roads. However, this does apply to the charming and petite Puente de los Pájaros in the Parque de María Luisa.

There’s one little detail making it a particularly romantic space: the notes of a young violinist called Curro Ruiz, who would snoop around with his instrument performing pieces like Wildest Dreams or The Winner Takes It All. It’s in this way that every Sunday, weather permitting (though as a reminder, Sevillian weather is often very forgiving), this artist allows you to experience one of the most beautiful romantic experiences in Sevilla, and naturally, the world.

3. Boat Trip in Plaza de España

From the romantic and hidden charms of the Puente de los Pájaros to the most photographed of all the city’s plazas. Fancy a boat trip while you’re in Sevilla? The semi-elliptical Plaza de España constructed by Aníbal González houses a beautiful lake, also semi-circular in shape, which is perfect for enjoying one of the most romantic experiences of the city.

To make this recommendation a bit more personal, we suggest going during the early or last few hours of the day. The light is prettier, the sun is less intense, and there aren’t any crowds.

4. How Did We Forget to Mention Bécquer!

The gentleman of poetry… It’s impossible to visit Sevilla without sensing Adolfo Bécquer’s influence in many areas of the citym since many routes have been put together to bring the romanticism of this distinguished Sevillian to life.

If you want to visit every stop on the Becquerian map, don’t miss the chance to contemplate whirlwind romance, love had, and love lost. It can all be found in Sevilla in sculptured form, under the shade of a Cypress tree, and it’s called Glorieta de Bécquer (Bécquer’s Bandstand).

torre del oro sevilla
Torre del Oro

5. The Left Bank of The Guadalquivir

A stroll beside the Guadalquivir river is just one of our super top travel plans in Sevilla. But the side we’re recommending is the left bank. More specifically, you should start your promenade at the Torre del Oro and from there, start to enjoy the very bank that Triana was born from.

Nao Victoria Sevilla
Nao Victoria

Along the way your body will probably want to stop for a break, because you’ll come across the Nao Victoria. After the break we’ll keep strolling because the end is in sight, and there’s no better symbol of the other bank that you’re looking at than the bridge marking the end of your walk. It’s the Puente de Isabel II (the Isabel II Bridge), known the world over as the Puente de Triana.

atardecer puente de Triana
Puente de Triana

6. Sunset in Torre Sevilla

Oh, man! The controversy that the construction of this tower caused! Debates over if it suits Sevilla or not, if it looks rusted..! And that’s just the start: you try telling a Sevillian that something even bigger than the Giralda, our symbol, is getting built. But pettifoggery aside, don’t miss the chance to feed your (and our) inner adventurer by paying this marvel a visit. Because along with its rusty appearance and sharp break with the rest of the city’s aesthetic, it’s also home to one of the most romantic of your travel plans in Sevilla.

From a room on the 33rd floor of the hotel concealed within this Sevillian skyscraper, with picturesque views of the popular district of Triana, we can experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city. Take note!

panorama torre sevilla
Panorama from Torre Sevilla

7. Picnic in Parque Magallanes

What if we invite you to a picnic in Parque Magallanes ?

All you need is to get some takeaway food from one of the restaurants in Torre Sevilla’s shopping centre and to cross a zebra crossing, and there you’ll find a street stall waiting to provide you with cutlery, tablecloths, towels and deckchairs. This initiative by the Centro Comercial is one romantic travel plan in Sevilla you can’t miss.

8. Fundación Tres Culturas, One of The Best Romantic Travel Plans in Sevilla

Back then, it was the ‘92 Sevilla Expo’s old Moroccan Pavilion; nowadays it’s the HQ of the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation).

Even though we’d like to tell you all we know and much, much more, on this occasion images do the job better than words. The colors, the architecture, the harmony, the energy that is breathed here, the concerts by candlelight and the photographic exhibitions … everything is designed to make you live a magical moment.

detalle Pabellón Marruecos Sevilla
Moroccan Pavillon

We’d like to draw particular attention to the greatly enjoyable Candlelight, one of the concerts that takes place here, where they perform mythical soundtracks with a string quartet by candlelight. The perfect plan!

9. Plaza Santa Marta And the Most Romantic Rendition of Theatre

The Plaza Santa Marta is one of the youth of Seville’s hideouts, and one of the city’s most beautiful plazas. You’ll find this plaza hidden behind an alley and a side door in the area surrounding the cathedral, and barely visible amongst so much patrimonial beauty.

With just four whitewashed walls and a cross from the 16th century in its centre, this plaza wouldn’t be so romantic if it weren’t for the story told to us by José Zorrilla, which we’ll repeat for you here. Over a few verses, the story goes that in this plaza, Doña Inés fainted due to the overwhelming love she felt for Don Juan Tenorio, who took this opportunity to spirit her away.

10. Spirits at El Mirador de Sevilla (the Lookout of Sevilla)

It’s time to have a shower, put on some stylish yet comfortable clothes (it’s a worthy cause), dab on a splash of that perfume you threw in your suitcase before you left for the airport and go wherever your tipple of choice takes you at El Mirador de Sevilla.

You might have come to the end of this list, but there’s still one thing left to do: buy your cheap flight to Sevilla with Volotea. Relax and fall in love with this amazing city!

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