The top 10 beaches in Sardinia
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The top 10 beaches in Sardinia

With wild coves, crystal-clear waters, nature and fragrances from the Mediterranean scrub, we’re taking you on a tour of the ten best beaches in Sardinia. Whilst it’s hard to name only a few, and there’s no part of this island that we would advise you against, we’ve selected those which, in our view, are an absolute must, as their true beauty lies in their individuality and uniqueness. Are you coming with us on this adventure? 


Cala Goloritzè

Where to find Cala Goloritzè: east coast of Sardinia, in the Gulf of Orosei

Let’s start on the east side of Sardinia, namely at Cala Goloritzè beach, a real gem well worth exploring because it’s wild, unspoiled and colourful. The best way to appreciate it is to walk there along an amazing, well-trodden hiking trail that starts at the Golgo plateau in Baunei. We love the unique nature of its white stones dotted everywhere.

cala goloritzè

Here are some useful tips if you’re planning to visit Cala Goloritzè:

• If the idea is to do some sunbathing, it’s worth knowing that by 4pm the sun disappears on the left part of the beach. We’d advise you to stay as far to the right as possible so that you can enjoy a few more hours of sun.

• The beach has limited availability and booking is required via the “heart of sardinia” app. 

Su Sirboni Beach

Where to find Su Sirboni beach: east coast of Sardinia, in Ogliastra

Why not discover the most beautiful and hidden beaches in Sardinia? Starting off your day with a gentle stroll along the shoreline of Su Sirboni beach in Ogliastra is a very special experience. With its imposing red rocks and natural pools, it’s well protected when the sea is rough: the water here is always calm and clear. It couldn’t be more perfect, just like a myrtle liqueur, or fileferru, to finish off your lunch!

spiaggia su sirboni

Cala Brandinchi

Where to find Cala Brandichi: north-east coast of Sardinia, in San Teodoro

If you’re planning a trip to Sardinia and are wondering where to go by the sea, Cala Brandinchi close to Olbia is the beach that could capture your heart as soon as you see it. The cool pine forest inhabited by wild boar forms a wonderful backdrop to a whiter-than-white beach with views of the island of Tavolara. But the only problem with Cala Brandinchi is that it’s the most popular beach in North Sardinia. However, access is limited and booking is required, so you just need to get things organised in good time!

cala brandinchi

Cala Coticcio

Where to find Cala Coticcio: north-east coast of Sardinia, in the archipelago of La Maddalena

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the sea in Sardinia is Cala Coticcio, the only beach on our list that’s in the archipelago of La Maddalena north of the island. The time to enjoy this beach is in the afternoon, especially when the mistral wind is blowing, because the return from the beach has no shade and is unlikely to be relaxing, and the sun bathes the granite rocks. Cala Coticcio is a natural paradise and the colours of the sea are out of this world!

cala coticcio

This is certainly an idyllic little cove and is well worth a visit, but to get there you’ll need to rely exclusively on an Environmental Hiking Guide and pay a fee of 3 euros on the website of the National Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, as a contribution to the environment.

Rena Majore della Nurra Beach

Where to find Rena Majore della Nurra: north-west coast of Sardinia. 

Among the most beautiful beaches to see in the west of Sardinia, we can recommend Rena Majore della Nurra, in the vicinity of Alghero. The special thing about this beach is its sand, made up of fragments of white, pink and black quartz. The scenic effect will not disappoint!

rena majore della nurra

To get there, you need to negotiate a short path of unspoiled nature. Being able to admire it from above is a very moving experience that will whet your appetite for its crystal-clear waters. Make sure that you take your snorkelling gear with you. There’s one tip we’d like to give you: visit the beach when the gregale wind is blowing, otherwise swimming can be quite dangerous! 

Cala del Lazzaretto

Where to find Cala del Lazzaretto: north-west coast of Sardinia, on the stretch of coast called the Riviera del Corallo (Alghero)

Cala del Lazzaretto is not only one of the best beaches in Alghero and in Sardinia as a whole, but, in our view, it’s the most romantic of those on our list. Here you just need to follow a very short path to escape the crowds on the nearby beach of Lazzaretto and you’ll come to a small cove that’s more sheltered and less busy, where you can enjoy some magical moments with your other half. 

cala del lazzaretto

Mal di Ventre Island

Where to find Isola Mal di Ventre: west coast of Sardinia, in the marine protected area of the Sinis Peninsula

Did you ever think that in Sardinia you could take a trip to an island off the island? If a day in a natural paradise is what you’re looking for, then look no further than the island of Mal di Ventre, also known as Malu Entu, and you’ll be amazed. It’s the unmissable gem in West Sardinia, off the Sinis Peninsula, where pristine beaches with crystal-clear, blue and turquoise waters abound.

isola mal di ventre

The best way of exploring its most secret corners is along its paths, surrounded by unspoiled nature, on a walk of around two hours. You can even see the remains of a nuraghe, an ancient megalithic edifice! You can reach it by rubber dinghy from the beach of Mari Ermi or Putzu Idu.

Cala Zafferano

Where to find Cala Zafferano: south coast of Sardinia, in the municipality of Teulada

Cala Zafferano is definitely one of the prettiest beaches that we’ve seen so far in South Sardinia. We love the fact that the water is shallow for long stretches. But how do you get to Cala Zafferano? You can only reach it by sea and in fact you can’t go ashore as it’s a military zone.

cala zafferano

Tuerredda Beach

Where to find Tuerredda beach: south coast of Sardinia, in the area of Teulada

If you’re dreaming of a beach holiday in Sardinia, Tuerredda beach is one of the loveliest and most inviting due to its crystal-clear waters. It has both a public section and a beach club area and obviously the sea here is sure to please. Try to avoid going when it’s very windy, as the sand is extremely fine. But please note: numbers are now limited!

Before you reach this charming beach, take a photo from this viewpoint and it will magically come out like a picture postcard. 

spiaggia di tuerredda

Punta Molentis Beach

Where to find Punta Molentis beach: south coast of Sardinia, marine protected area of Capo Carbonara in Villasimius 

We want to leave you with an unmissable gem in South Sardinia: Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius. On this beach, as well as taking a dip in its transparent waters, there’s a walkway from which you can take some truly memorable and instagrammable photos. The best way to make the most of Punta Molentis? Walk to the rock, the symbol of the beach, along a short hiking track. It’s because of this distinctive landmark that we’ve included it in the top 10 beaches in Sardinia!

This beach also has a public area and a beach club section.

spiaggia di punta molentis

Numbers are limited on Punta Molentis beach and to book your visit, just go to the official website. To discover more unmissable coves in the area, you can also read our article on beaches to visit in and around Villasiumius

Our recommendations on the top 10 beaches in Sardinia end here. If you too love the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, we’re sure these will find a place in your heart!

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