Nine lookouts in Cantabria

Nine lookouts in Cantabria

A lookout may be defined as “a place perfectly positioned to view a landscape or event”. Gazing out over an endless horizon and the extraordinary landscapes of Infinite Cantabria is an experience in itself, don’t you think? But since we don´t always manage to get a glimpse of everything we´d like to, we’re giving you nine lookouts in Infinite Cantabria that are sights for sore eyes. Take time to take mental snapshots as well as photographs of the unforgettable memories you’ll make here. 

As you can see, we have included spots on the coast and inland, so you can choose your ideal surroundings. On our tour, we will be travelling around the nine tourist areas of Cantabria, discovering three lookouts located along the coast and six inland ones. Ready? Then we’re setting off to admire some of the Infinite Cantabria’s best panoramic views from ground level.

Let’s start with Mirador de la Concha in Suances. Stroll along the newly restored walkway of this lookout to get some magnificent views of Playa de La Concha. Get lost in the breath-taking scenery of the Cantabrian Sea and La Concha beach, captivating at any time of year. And in the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the most popular beaches, packed full of leisure activities, on the Cantabrian coast. 

mirador suances playa concha

Our second stop is at Ecoparque de Trasmiera, specifically Mirador del Cincho, a lookout located on mount Cincho, which is home to the ruins of an ancient Celtic castle. This lookout is at the top of a very unusual structure, a stone tower with a wooden staircase spiralling around the outside. From it you can see one of the most incredible views in the Ecopark, all the way from the Cantabrian Mountains to the coast.

mirador del cincho

Our last stop , which has a sea view, is Mirador de Peña Cabarga. Located at the top of Peña Cabarga, at an altitude of 568 metres, it offers an amazing view of Santander Bay, its surroundings and part of the Cantabrian coast. See the entire city of Santander and taste the best local Cantabrian snacks at its café, which is open all summer long.

peña cabarga mirador

We are now moving away from the coast and heading to six inland landscapes, proving Cantabria’s ability to cater to any taste.

We start our tour right at the heart of Picos de Europa National Park, at an altitude of 1823 metres, at Mirador de Fuente Dé. This is one of the best known and most photographed places in Cantabria. It is an overhanging viewpoint, so if you suffer from vertigo, it is not for you. You can get there on the Fuente Dé cable car, which turns a 753-metre climb into a four-minute ride at most. You will be awestruck by the overwhelming beauty of the landscape from the highest station and, if you are lucky, you’ll get to experience the feeling of walking on clouds.

mirador de fuente de cantabria

Leaving the Liébana region behind, we are now heading east to find our second overhanging lookout at Cascadas del Gándara, also known as Mirador de la Reina. Looking over the Gándara river, it gives us the chance to admire the river’s course and rapids that flow just a few kilometres away from its source. All this creates a spectacular landscape where the Gándara waterfall is formed and the viewpoint looks over. Lean out and take it all in!

mirador del gandara

The third lookout, which is not for the faint-hearted, is the Santa Catalina lookouton Mount Hozarcu, in Peñarrubia. From its platform you can see the best views of the deepest part of the famous La Hermida gorge. This vantage point sits on top of the ruins of the early mediaeval Bolera de los Moros castle. This was strategically built here to watch over the gorge on a high, accessible plain that connects the historic Carmona to La Hermida road. This lookout is also the start of a mythological trail, where creatures hide in the woods, ideal for families to enjoy.

mirador santa catalina

From Peñarrubia, we’ll make our way to Valles Pasiegos region to find our fourth inland lookout, the seventh on our list. This time we’ll be checking out the Puerto de la Braguía lookout. From this beautiful place, you can take in the best views Selaya has to offer, and discover the charm and lush greenery of our iconic Valles Pasiegos first-hand.

la braguia cantabria

Now we´ll move onto one of the most photographed lookouts in the region, Mirador de la Cardosa. Located at the heart of Saja Besaya Natural Park, the views from this unique balcony are amazing and watched over by a deer monument. It’s a perfect place for photos and ideal for listening to the deer bellowing in early autumn.

Wrapping up the list is a little-known lookout with a rare view of Torrelavega and its surroundings: Mirador de La Peñuca. Located on the road that leads up from Torrelavega to the town of La Montaña, the vantage point is an essential stop on the traditional walk up in Cantabrian clogs called albarcas. Torrelavega’s first pilgrimage of the year, held to celebrate the feast day of Saint Blaise at the end of January.

mirador la peñuca

These are just nine lookouts that you can find in Cantabria, but there are many more. As you will see when you visit, Cantabria is like one big lookout. Are you ready to take the lookout tour?

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