The exceptional scenery of the Costa Quebrada

The exceptional scenery of the Costa Quebrada

Among the many spectacular hideouts that Cantabria has to offer you can find a trail fit for the whole family, with beautiful coves and beaches with crystalline, turquoise waters and a topography hiding even more significant things, such as the Parque geológico de Costa Quebrada (the Costa Quebrada Geopark), a true gem of nature. 

The area known as Costa Quebrada extends along 20 kilometres of coastline from Santander to Miengo, and contains a protected nature reserve along with the Dunas de Liencres (the Liencres Dunes), sporting beautiful coves and beaches, a large maritime pine forest, and a dune system.

parco costa quebrada cantabria

The Costa Quebrada Geopark: The Coast and its History

This geopark, which is impressive from any angle, has every chance of becoming a UNESCO Global Geopark thanks to its rich natural and cultural heritage. It’s more than just a very attractive coastal area: each stretch of the land tells a small part of the story of its origins and evolution. The spectacular pairing of formations and outcrops to be found all along the coastal path provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enhance their knowledge of our 125 million-year-old geological history.

spiaggia cerrias cantabria
Beach of Cerrias

The intense coastal erosion, coupled with the effect of the rain, have carved out the land in a variety of ways along the route: you’ll find cliffs, crags, dunes, estuaries… Take your camera along and prepare for some unforgettable photographs!

Routes and Experiences Along the Costa Quebrada

If you visit Cantabria, the experience of walking through the vast landscape of the Costa Quebrada is an absolute must. We suggest admiring and enjoying its famous beaches: Covachos, Cerrias, Somocuevas, and San Juan de La Canal are some visitor favourites, famous for their fine sand and perfect surfing conditions.

spiaggia covachos cantabria
Beach of Covachos

If that’s not your sport of choice and you’d rather get stuck into some photography, you’ll find yourself in likeminded company around this part of the coast, one of the most photographed areas of the coastline. As it happens, winter, spring and autumn are the best seasons for passionate landscape photographers. At these times of year, the magnificent landscape, along with dramatic lighting and weather conditions, combine to make for countless photo opportunities.

The park offers its visitors plenty to do, especially considering one of its goals, alongside conserving and protecting the environment, is to spread awareness. To this end the park provides various themed itineraries and guided tours, and also runs the original Nocturnal Tidal Safari, allowing you to discover the beauty and mystery of marine life by moonlight. Taking part in this experience (which you can only do for a few hours while the tide is out) is like going on a journey through evolution, and even more importantly, helps you rediscover the childlike curiosity inside all of us.

Enjoy vertigo-inducing cliffs speckled with golden beaches in-between areas of geological interest, bringing you closer to marine life and the diverse local botany. What more could you want from a route that you can walk, jog, drive or cycle? It’s the perfect outdoor plan that you can enjoy at any time of year.

spiaggia costa quebrada

Still haven’t gotten to know the area? There are endless discoveries to be made on the Costa Quebrada, a unique trip you’ll never forget.

Discover our nature, and obviously, come and enjoy Cantabria.

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