Cantabria: seven surf paradises

Cantabria: seven surf paradises

The beaches of Cantabria are considered among the best in Spain for fans of surfing, and with good reason as we have three municipalities that have been declared Surfing Reserves: Ribamontán al Mar, Suances and Noja.

Cantabria is the birthplace of surfing in Spain and a national pioneer. This pioneering spirit continues to this day. Its three surf reserves are at the vanguard of the many beaches along the coast enjoyed by surfers from around the world.

Cantabria has seven must-see surfing sanctuaries:

  • Ribamontán al Mar: located to the east of the Bay of Santander, boasting almost two kilometres of fine, golden sand and big swells, you can catch a wave here year-round.

  • Berria: in Santoña, more than two kilometres of white sand stretch between Mount Brusco and Mount Buciero on the isthmus that joins the breathtaking peninsula around Mount Buciero to the municipality of Argoños.

  • El Sardinero: a pretty seafront that enjoys a prime location in the Cantabrian capital. Together, the two beaches offer almost a kilometre of fine, soft, almost totally flat sand.

  • Canallave and Valdearenas: In the heart of the Liencres Dunes Nature Reserve, these beaches, which cover three kilometres, are considered to be the most consistent on the coast, making them ideal for surfing at any time of year.

  • Merón: This white beach in San Vicente de la Barquera is four kilometres long. Its location on the open sea means that it is constantly pounded by big waves.
  • Los Locos: this beach in Suances is well known for its intense waves that batter the cliffs surrounding its 750 metres of golden sand.

  • Ris, Pombera and El Brusco: These three delightful beaches in Noja have a long tradition of surfing in a unique setting.

If you’re keen to get started, any of the 50 surf schools that dot the region’s main beaches will quickly teach you the right technique, as well as safety rules and surf etiquette.

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