Discover Athens: tips and must-see places

Discover Athens: tips and must-see places

Feeling like visiting a vibrant travel destination? Athens, the capital of Greece, is a “divine” destination where timeless vibes are blended with an alternative urban culture.

Athens is a city made for everyone. Are you travelling solo? Find your local paths and meet Athenians and tourists from all over the world. Are you looking for some family-friendly activities? Get your team and enjoy unlimited walks in beautiful neighborhoods and family restaurants. Experience all Athens has to offer, no car needed.

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Athens is basically a walkable city, with easily navigable numbered streets and many means of transport including metro, bus and tram. When it comes to the historic center where you ‘re definitely going to spend most of your visit, it’s pedestrianized in many parts.


When it comes to Athens, there’s one thing you should bear in mind and know for sure! Athens is an all year round destination. It’s your call whether you will choose to visit Athens in spring time or during summer, autumn or even in winter. Reap the benefits of what each season has to offer! In summer you can enjoy day trips to islands while during the rest of the seasons you can discover the urban sight and the alluring nights of Athens. And that’s just getting started!

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As mentioned above Athens is a truly vibrant place. A place that blends its timeless character with a new contemporary point of view. But what makes a vibrant place?

You’ll find out by exploring the city’s hidden sports and districts. Of course there are some must-sees but there’s more to uncover when it comes to less touristy places. Let’s see what you can’t miss during a stay in the city.

Squares must sees

Less touristy squares

Athens graffiti Volotea
Street art in Athens

Green spots for your walks

Under the Athenian night sky – view from above

Food and Drink

It is important to immerse yourself in all aspects of a place, be it the food, the music, the architecture or the history! Those of you who love strolling around the city center, will be amazed by the number and the variety of cafes, restaurants, rooftops, bars and bakeries. All together make Athens a vibrant city perfect for explorers. Whether you are looking for a brunch, or a cocktail, Athens has it all.

Do not miss to try some iconic tastes

  • Spanakopita
  • Greek salad with Feta cheese
  • Gyros with Tzatziki
  • Saganaki cheese
  • Moussaka or Pastitsio
  • Galaktompoureko

Contemporary Culture

Athens is full of cultural centers. Most of them offer discounts, special events with free admission and they are centrally located and easily accessible. Athenians and tourists love such places as they are perfect for some cultural exchange!

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3 Must visit spots

  1. Technopolis
  2. National Museum of Contemporary Art
  3. Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center

Urban lifestyle

Local Athenians say, “Athens is the new Berlin” and that’s how the urban story of this amazing city goes. A dynamic city full of energy and a vivid lifestyle. Graffiti art by famous artists can be found almost everywhere. There are also many tours available to help you gain an insight into the unique culture.

Do you fancy alternative bars, clubs and cafes or prefer to grab a beer with a friend or even enjoy a glass of wine after work? Athens is ready to fulfill whatever your heart desires! People gather together in the most incredible places. At hipster spots like Metaxourgeio district you can find a more artistic character, live performances performed live music or an alternative theatrical play.

Urban, vibrant and hipster districts

Discover timeless Athens by Volotea


Athens is the capital of Greece, myths, God’s, democracy and deep rooted history. Iconic Athens is synonymous with its iconic monuments.

Timeless Athens

Throughout the course of time, the ancient Athenian character remains vivid and alive, making this city’s history and value timeless for its visitors. So If you want to experience history at its finest, then you should definitely visit God’s neighborhood, Plaka and The Acropolis.

The Acropolis has stood for millennia. Visitors can explore more than twenty attractions including Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. Visit the Sacred Rock and don’t forget to check in at the Acropolis museum. Enjoy a coffee or a meal with a historical view.


  • National Gallery: National Gallery is the new talk of the town as it opened its doors only in 2021. A contemporary building with art treasures, collections and magnificent exhibitions inside.
  • National archaeological museum: The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is considered one of the greatest museums in the world and contains the richest collection of artifacts from Greek antiquity worldwide.
  • Athenian Trilogy: consists of National Library, University of Athens and Academy; for those who are looking for the Neoclassical side of Athens.

Extra tip: Search for the free admission days.

Mount Lycabettus Athens
Mount Lycabettus
  • Archaeological Site of Sounion Poseidon Temple: the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, built during 444–440 BC, is one of the major monuments of the Golden Age of Athens. A Doric temple, it overlooks the sea at the end of Cape Sounion. Do not miss experiencing a golden hour visit.
  • Athenian Riviera: Athenian Riviera is considered to be an all time classic. It is ideally located in the seaside suburb of Vouliagmeni, approx. 25 kms away from Athens city center. Hop on the tram (starts at Syntagma square) and make your way to the seaside.
  • Athenian “Monmarte”: locate Nikiforou Theotoki street on google maps in the Mets area and discover the Athenian Montmartre. You can easily combine this walk with a visit to Panathenaic stadium and Ardittou hill.


If you find yourself wondering whether Athens is safe for travel, then the answer is Yes! In fact, Athens is considered to be a very safe city for you to travel. Just catch the next flight and discover all it has to offer. Whether you ‘re travelling solo or with company, this city can be easily and safely walked around. As a traveler in Athens you basically won’t meet any troubles, as long as you stay in a certified lodge and take care of your personal belongings especially in crowded places.

Of course, always do check any latest travel advice and warnings by formal authorities. Also keep an eye on any special alerts including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. So, get on board confidently!

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Then these two islands should definitely be on your bucket list: Mykonos and Santorini. Do not miss the opportunity of finding your myth in one of the two most popular Greek islands.

panorama santorini

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