The land of Muscat Wines

This island has it all: a green countryside, crystal-clear waters, quaint little towns, landscapes of great beauty and top-quality Muscat wines. Located in the northeast Aegean Sea, Samos is a favourite destination for large numbers of visitors who choose it for their holidays, without disturbing the calm, laid-back atmosphere of this quite large island.

Swimming & diving in the blue waters of the Mediterranean and basking in the sun on the island’s beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches are not the only options you have on Samos Island, as it is a place with a very long history. This is the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras and philosopher Epicurus. The island is home to the iconic Heraion of Samos sanctuary, which dates back to 7th – 6th c. BC, and numerous fascinating villages with archaeological sites.

Visit Vathy, the biggest town and the capital of the island, where you’ll find many traditional tavernas, little shops and colourful houses. Then, head towards Pythagorion, a lovely small town by the sea, where all the impressive yachts dock. From here, you can take the tourist boat and go on a day trip around Samos to discover its secluded beaches. Blend in with the locals and get a glimpse of their everyday life. Savour tasty Greek dishes in buzzing tavernas and cafes. Pythagorion is also a place with a vivacious nightlife.

If a cool breeze is what you are after, Manolates is the place for you: an idyllic inland village, located 380 m. above sea level and dotted with wonderful traditional houses with stunning views of the surrounding woods and mountains.

The beaches of Samos are undoubtedly among the island’s highlights. The most popular one is probably Psili Ammos 1, which is ideal for families with young children, and Psili Ammos 2, a less known but similar beach. Don’t miss out on a visit to the endless Potokaki beach near the airport and Votsalakia, a pleasant tourist resort built by a long beach.

It’s easy to travel to Samos Island; you can fly there or board the ferry boat from Piraeus. You can also reach it from other nearby islands.


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