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The region of Murcia for foodies and sun-lovers
The region of Murcia
The region of Murcia for foodies and sun-lovers May, 21 2021

You deserve a break, and the chance to put the day-to-day to the back of your mind. How about a trip to the region of Murcia to do exactly that? You’ll see just how easy it’d be the moment you set foot in the region. Just go with the flow through one of the two […]

Serra de Tramuntana. Enjoy it with all your senses
Serra de Tramuntana. Enjoy it with all your senses May, 17 2021

The Serra de Tramuntana is a 90-kilometre long mountain range, extending from Andratx in the southeast to Pollença in the north of the island. In 2011, this natural wonder was recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its historical, cultural and environmental importance, a perfect balance that has existed for centuries. I […]

Montpellier’s most stunning beaches
Montpellier’s most stunning beaches May, 14 2021

If we’re talking about Montpellier, we’re talking about the city where I was born and where I live, but also… the city where the sun shines 300 days a year! Not bad, hey? In this article, I’m going to fill you in on my favourite beaches in Montpellier where you can peacefully soak up the […]

Beaches to escape to in Cantabria
Beaches to escape to in Cantabria Jul, 21 2020

Every summer is different (and summer 2020 certainly is), but if there’s one thing we can’t live without, no matter what, it’s the BEACH. That’s why we’d like you to come with us to discover just how varied the beaches in Cantabria are. They’re ideal for getting away from it all this summer, and, come to that, at any time of year.

Five must-see beaches
Five must-see beaches Aug, 27 2019

Galicia has more miles of coastline than any other Autonomous Community, and the province of A Coruña is the cream of the crop. A Coruña is a land surrounded by the sea, with more than 360 beaches dotted along its Atlantic coast. We've picked out five unmissable beaches for your to-do list.

The Asturian coast, a picture-perfect setting
The Asturian coast, a picture-perfect setting May, 15 2019

Visitors flock to the Asturian coast to admire its good looks and explore its hundreds of hidden corners, to enjoy the views, the countryside, the sea breeze, the tides, the sunset and the dawn.

Bordeaux Celebrates the River and Liberté
Bordeaux Celebrates the River and Liberté Mar, 29 2019

The Bordeaux River Festival has become a date that's hotly-anticipated by the inhabitants of Bordeaux every two years. Huge sailing boats, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, gastronomic breaks and fireworks are sure to pull in the crowds.

Cabárceno nature park
Cabárceno nature park Jul, 25 2018

Cabárceno Nature Park brings together education, culture and science and recreation. One hundred and fifty species of animals from five continents roam semi-freely around the park, which has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in northern Spain.

Centro botín
Centro botín Jul, 25 2018

This modern art centre occupies a prime location in Santander, on the shores of the bay. The building, done by the renowned architect

Catania’s most beautiful beaches
Catania’s most beautiful beaches Jul, 11 2018

Sicily is world-famous for both its sea and, naturally, for its beaches. But which are the most beautiful? We've got the answer for you!