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A set table in Ibiza
A set table in Ibiza Jun, 16 2021

As my granny used to say, ‘if you’re going on holiday to Ibiza, do what you want, but eat well for me’. Don’t leave the island without trying some of its delicacies as you enjoy yourself in its most iconic locations. Just remember, come hungry – the table’s already set. The Route of the Roja […]

Taste trail through Castellón
Taste trail through Castellón Jun, 9 2021

Step through the doors of Castellón airport into a land with a rich and varied gastronomy built on the quality of its produce, both on the coast and further inland. There’s a reason Castellón is considered the capital of the Mediterranean diet: eating well is in the local’s DNA. Today, we’d like to introduce you […]

A journey through the flavours of Catania’s fish market
A journey through the flavours of Catania’s fish market May, 17 2021

To discover Catania like a true Catanian there is one thing that you absolutely cannot miss during your visit to the city: a tour of the fish market, otherwise known as ‘A Piscaria’ (in Catanian dialect). Catania’s Piscaria is the city’s old fish market, which has welcomed market vendors, fishermen, street sellers, casual visitors, tourists […]

Guggenheim guide: what to see and where to eat
Guggenheim guide: what to see and where to eat May, 14 2021

This iconic building is the emblem of the city. You have probably booked your trip to Bilbao planning to visit the Guggenheim, an essential destination for modern art lovers. Tourism has grown exponentially in our city since the end of the 90’s when the decision was made to open the museum. And hey, there’s a […]

An aperitif with a view
An aperitif with a view Jun, 17 2019

A moment of rest and relaxation during long strolls through the city while you plan your itinerary for the next day

Zaragoza for foodies
Zaragoza for foodies Jan, 7 2019

Gourmands of the world: the epicurean capital has an enviable gastronomical offering, whether you’re seeking the perfect tapas or the comfort of fine dining. Zaragoza and its open kitchens are ready to welcome you and delight your palette.

Christmas Markets in Catania
Christmas Markets in Catania Nov, 6 2018

During the month of December via Minoriti in Catania transforms into a handmade market with a predominant Christmas theme. This place is now known as being synonymous with Christmas Markets for the Catanese people and anyone lucky enough to visit during what is, without a doubt, the most magical time of the year, Christmas season!

Where to eat the best Genoese pesto
Where to eat the best Genoese pesto Oct, 17 2018

Pizza with pesto. Pesto pasta. Pesto sauce. If there's one thing more emblematic of Genoa than Christopher Columbus, it's pesto. But just like every other "sacred" local dish, pesto alla genovese absolutely must stick to tradition. In addition, finding a "proper" pesto outside of Liguria is no mean feat.

Bordeaux S.O GOOD, serving up the best of the region
Bordeaux S.O GOOD, serving up the best of the region Oct, 5 2018

Bordeaux S.O GOOD has become the flagship event of the city of Bordeaux in the gastronomic world. For one weekend, the city becomes a giant market and restaurant, offering the best products from the south west, while calling on local artisans and talented chefs. A chance to discover and taste the best of the region.

A taste of Bordeaux past and present
A taste of Bordeaux past and present Sep, 3 2018

Two gourmet venues have just opened up in Bordeaux offering a mix of traditional and more contemporary produce: the Echoppe de la Lune and the Halles de Bacalan. While housing vintage products that have retained their powers of seduction over time, they also take an updated approach in a setting that caters to modern-day tastes.