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Taste the autumn in Cantabria
Taste the autumn in Cantabria Sep, 27 2022

After enjoying the rich variety of products that the spring and summer brought us, you might think that the autumn is no big deal in gastronomic terms. But don’t be discouraged by the falling temperatures and rainy days: now is the ideal opportunity to try the star products of a rich cuisine, perfect for warming […]

A Coruña, gastronomic haven
A Coruña, gastronomic haven Aug, 22 2022

Situated on the Atlantic coast, A Coruña combines the best of land and sea in its cuisine, offering both traditional formulas that never disappoint and cutting-edge innovations.   Life in A Coruña revolves around food, with countless events on the calendar and the custom of gathering with family and friends for wine, tapas, or brunch. The […]

Eat like a Greek in Heraklion
Eat like a Greek in Heraklion Aug, 18 2022

Cretan cuisine is well known to culinary experts as one of the best the Mediterranean has to offer. It is tasty and healthy at the same time, as it uses local fresh ingredients. But is it possible to experience the real thing as a tourist, while visiting the island just for a few days? I […]

A food tour of South Sardinia
A food tour of South Sardinia Jul, 1 2022

As a Sardinian, I always say that the sea is only a beautiful backdrop for a picture full of history, archaeology, nature and an extensive food and wine tradition. If you go to Sardinia, tantalise your tastebuds with the rich and diverse culinary aspect. Here are some of the most important and typical dishes of […]

Places and flavours of Palma de Mallorca
Places and flavours of Palma de Mallorca May, 12 2022

Palma de Mallorca is one of those cities you can enjoy every day of the year. This city has been a melting pot of cultures for the nearly 2,000 years, so if history’s your thing, check out iconic buildings and hidden places you could only dream of. Whether you prefer sweet or a savoury, treat […]

Wine route in Santorini
Wine route in Santorini Apr, 29 2022

Wine has a long history on the island of Santorini, dating back to the prehistoric Thera. The island’s volcanic soil plays a key role in making such exquisite wine, preventing pests like phylloxera, which destroyed many of Europe’s oldest vineyards making it one of the oldest wines. The wine is characterised by highly acidic, mineral, […]

What to eat in Menorca: 10 Typical Dishes
What to eat in Menorca: 10 Typical Dishes Apr, 21 2022

When you think of Menorca, probably the first thing that springs to mind is its spectacular beaches and coves with turquoise waters and fine sand, its wonderful Mediterranean climate, perfect for enjoying the sea almost all year round, the Camí de Cavalls (a wonderful trail around the island), and its relaxed lifestyle that makes us […]

The bouchons of Lyon
The bouchons of Lyon Mar, 3 2022

No no, don’t go! We’re not talking about the traffic jams (also called bouchons in french) of Lyon, even though they’re not uncommon… The bouchons we’re on about are a lot nicer. They’re actually a must-visit on your trip to the Gaulish capital, and part of the local heritage. If you already know about the […]

The landscape kitchen of Asturias
The landscape kitchen of Asturias Feb, 15 2022

There’s no doubt that Asturias is a paradise of flavour in the broadest sense of the term.  You’ll often feel like you’re being fed by the very landscape itself, and you wouldn’t be wrong: there’s a reason the concept of the ‘landscape kitchen’ has its roots in Asturias’ delicious gastronomy. The variety and uniqueness of […]

Lanzarote and its volcanic wines
Lanzarote and its volcanic wines Dec, 9 2021

The Canary Islands have a long and important history of viticulture (grapevine cultivation for wine making). However, Lanzarote was the last of the Canary Islands to start cultivating grapevines. The reason is simple: the conditions in Lanzarote, the ‘Fire Island’ (la isla del fuego), were never right. Before we begin, here is some background info […]