Design & Fly : meeting with an artist from Venice

Design & Fly : meeting with an artist from Venice

The competition “Design And Fly” has been firstly launched in Venice in collaboration with Show Us Your Type that revolves around creating different poster designs of the city as a method to stimulate people’s love for travel; as well as their love for design.

What better way to launch the competition than with talented artists situated in the heart of Venice?

Camuffolab” was chosen as the design studio to create the first poster of Venice in order to share with our participants and inspire them.

For this reason, this article features an interview with these talented designers in order to reveal their work and their way of thinking in the mysterious yet fabulous world of design.

1: Tell us a little bit about Camuffolab.

CamuffoLab is a young communication design studio located in the centre of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: Venice. 

The studio is a new reality, engaged in art direction projects, corporate identity projects, publishing projects, as well as in projects in the fields of illustration and exhibit design. 

Founded by Marco Camuffo in 2011, CamuffoLab creates unique and modern solutions, by looking at the past and by being inspired by great designers and their lessons.

2: How do you find inspiration for your work?

Everything has the power of inspiring our work. Every day can be plenty of new encounters and inspirations. 

Even when we get out of the house to go catch a train to work, before sleeping, while reading a book, when visiting an exhibition, when listening to a new song, or when speaking to someone while drinking a good coffee. Our “light bulb” can be switched on anytime. 

3: Which designers inspire you the most right now?

Every designer has his or her own “trademark”. 

There are many designers that are inspired by different forms of communication. 

However, I do not believe that a standard reference point exists, as we look at the best piece of work done by each designer. 

4: What’s the last thing that made you think ‘ *@#% that’s cool!’

We have completed a graphic design project for the exhibition titled “Giro Giro Tondo” at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. 

We are so enthusiastic about it! This is such a cool project because the exhibition has had a great impact! 

It has been a very important challenge for us, but there are so many projects that we can be proud of. 

5: What drives you as designers?

Everything that is visually beautiful and that can change our perspective. 

Nowadays, the job of graphic designers changes day by day. 

For this reason, it is fundamental to be updated, by always creating something beautiful that satisfies both clients and ourselves as creators. 

This is the type of challenge that the communication designer wants: a project must be seen as an opportunity to create something unique and contemporary. 

The designer is the painter of our times.

6: How does Venice inspire the work coming out of the studio?

Venice is a city that is always changing.

It is very common to find yourself in the middle of a new alley, or to cross a new bridge.

It is a unique city, full of mystery and charm. A place, a detail, an architecture all have the power to suggest a new idea for our next Project.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the studio and all designers out there for participating in this creative contest.

For those who are interested in participating, please join us for the next contest in Bilbao.

For further information, please consult the article “Design and Fly”.

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