Sevilla: where to eat at Christmas

Sevilla: where to eat at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s nothing like getting together with our loved ones. Traditionally, these family gatherings would take place at home, but these days there are some great places to go out and have fun. 

Seville is a fabulous place spend the winter, with mild temperatures and a lively atmosphere in its streets. The city’s Christmas activities include countless Nativity scenes, traditional artisan Christmas markets, sampling of convent sweets, and exhilarating theme parks for the whole family. 

Bars and restaurants have pulled out all the stops to prepare truly appetising menus for our festive lunches and dinners with friends or colleagues. There’s so much variety that you can either opt for traditional menus or more adventurous dishes. So if Seville’s warmth is what you’re looking for this Christmas and you don’t fancy spending hours searching online, don’t worry; this article will give you a whole host of delicious options for enjoying a truly amazing Christmas in this Andalusian gem.

Where to eat during your Christmas break in Seville

Gourmet options at Seville hotels

Hotels are not just for sleeping in; they’ve now enhanced their dining options enormously and offer special set menus for celebrations in their restaurants. And not just for guests, but for anyone wishing to celebrate Christmas in style with a culinary treat. The hotels have realised that the perfect pairing for a high-end stay is to add gastronomic appeal.

We have various gastronomic options available in the city’s hotels:

Sal Gorda Catedral occupies the ground floor of the Hotel Soho Boutique Catedral. Mediterranean cuisine with some truly innovative techniques, revealing little nods to cuisines from other continents such as Asia and Latin America, through its fusion dishes. Sal Gorda Catedral proves that tradition, modernity, and new trends blend perfectly. A venue that stays loyal to Andalusian cuisine, whilst taking nuances and essences from all over, without restraint, but anchoring itself in the Mediterranean and its finest produce, for an average price of around €40 per person.

sal gorda catedral
Sal Gorda Catedral

The Marriott hotel chain has just opened the Hotel Querencia de Sevilla Autograph Collection. A venue offering a perfect option for the stay of your dreams with top-class facilities. A delightful combination of rest, relaxation, and an interesting range of dishes. At its Restaurante Maestría you can enjoy authentic Andalusian cuisine in a wonderful atmosphere. A Seville-inspired menu with traditional recipes, retaining the essence of the delicious local produce, all presented in a contemporary style. Dishes such as a Russian salad of deep-water rose shrimp (ensaladilla de gambas blancas) in garlic, with their coral (€12), ‘almadraba’ bluefin tuna tartare with ajoblanco soup (€20) or free-range eggs with fresh spinach (€11) make this restaurant an absolute must for anyone visiting our city. The average price is around €50 per person. 

restaurante maestria sevilla

Our next stop is the Hotel Radisson Collection Magdalena Plaza. This hotel is truly committed to fine food, with two in-demand restaurants in the city: Eneko Basque Sevilla and Justa Rufina. Eneko Basque is the creation of Eneko Atxa, one of Spain’s top chefs. This temple of indulgence offers flavours from the Basque Country, casually presented and adapted to our tastes and our way of understanding food. The menu includes traditional recipes with subtle innovative nuances. Dishes that aim for a balance between tradition and evolution, with the charcoal grill taking centre stage. Fish from the Andalusian coast, Jabugo ham and Almadraba tuna are just some of the delights on offer. An ideal spot for a romantic dinner in the heart of the city. An average price of €70.

eneko basque sevilla
Eneko Basque

Authentic Seville bars and restaurants

But let’s take a look at some of the most authentic bars and restaurants in Seville. This city, which loves its beer as much as any other, has plenty of classic cervecerías, or beer bars, with expert staff pulling the pumps to serve you the perfect ‘caña’, accompanied by just the right little snack (a delicious Russian salad, a few prawns…).

Cervecería Salmedina is renowned for offering its customers something delicious from the day’s catch from the nearby fish market. A cuisine with strong maritime roots, with ice-cold beer and the finest fresh fish. These are the ace cards of this establishment, which reclaims the traditional tapas. An attractive option for some excellent tapas in the centre of town, for an average price of €30 per person, depending on what seafood you order.

cerveceria Salmedina sevilla
Cervecería Salmedina

Triana was the meeting point for merchants coming from all over Europe, representatives of trading houses or their owners’ sons, who were sent to Seville to gain business and who ultimately aspired to get in on the lucrative trade with the Indies. Today, Triana is a neighbourhood brimming with art, devotion, and culture, and one of the must-sees on any visitor’s list. 

Of the countless places to enjoy tapas, we stop at Alfarería 21 Casa Montalván. This regionalist-style building, designed in 1927, was originally a ceramics factory and was subsequently converted into a restaurant and hotel, charmingly decorated with wonderful century-old tiles, lovingly preserved on the walls of this establishment and which bring the historic building to life. Seville-style cuisine, simply prepared, but based on the amazing quality of its raw ingredients. Affordable prices for one of the best restaurants in Triana.

casa montalvan sevilla
Casa Montalván

Since 2021, Casa Ozama has been the place to be in Seville. This beautiful restaurant can be found in Villa Ozama, one of the finest villas in the city, modernist in style, with notable architectural features, some neoclassical. Casa Ozama is a gourmet haven with different indoor and outdoor spaces arranged over an area of almost 2000m². A sophisticated menu with modern touches, including tapas-sized portions, such as our famous Ensaladilla, or Russian salad (€7.50), fresh Breton oysters (€25) or croquettes made with Cecina de León cured beef (€8). An extensive menu, finished off with a selection of creative cocktails for you to enjoy at your leisure in its charming gardens. Ozama is an experience that transcends the purely gastronomic, aiming to excite and awaken all your senses. You should note that children are not admitted. €50 is the average price per person.

casa ozama sevilla
Casa Ozama

“Starred” restaurants in Seville

We mustn’t forget the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants: Cañabota and Abantal, both costing in the region of €100 per person. 

restaurante Cañabota
abantal sevilla

We could go on; the list of Seville’s fantastic restaurants is endless. Seville is a perfect place to stroll around and seek out spots to savour some of our popular tapas. An ideal city for enjoying the pleasant climate, its sights, its traditions, its history and, of course, its food.

You can organise your visits by neighbourhood and book some of the fashionable restaurants in advance. The best thing is that the prices are generally affordable, considering the high quality offered. We want anyone visiting our city to return to enjoy its huge range of culinary options.

Seville awaits you with open arms, ready to treat you to an unforgettable Christmas!

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