Taste the autumn in Cantabria

Taste the autumn in Cantabria

After enjoying the rich variety of products that the spring and summer brought us, you might think that the autumn is no big deal in gastronomic terms. But don’t be discouraged by the falling temperatures and rainy days: now is the ideal opportunity to try the star products of a rich cuisine, perfect for warming you when the cold weather arrives.
castañas otoño cantabria

Welcome to Cantabria, an unmissable destination known not only for its spectacular landscapes but also for its delicious traditional food; the autumnal cuisine is particularly tasty. Come and join us as we discover the unmissable Cantabrian dishes this time of year brings. There is no better time to immerse yourself in its magic.

Traditional products on a Cantabrian autumn menu

From walks in the fabulous mountains and forests and admiring the changing colours of nature, excursions to caves, trips to the coast and cultural visits, an autumnal holiday in Cantabria offers endless possibilities and gastronomical delights! Tantalise your tastebuds with a range of autumn dishes using top quality traditional local products, ideal for recharging your batteries after an invigorating walk in the open air. What are you waiting for? Here are my top tips!

Santoña Anchovies

anochas santoña

The anchovies of Santoña, a small fishing town located around fifty kilometres from Santander, are considered local delicacies and are the tastiest you’ll find on the market. In Santoña, many family businesses dedicate heart and soul to the traditional preparation of top-quality Cantabrian anchovy fillets. This is such an exquisite product that you don’t need much to enjoy them: open the tin or jar, put the anchovies on a plate with olive oil and you’re all set! If you feel like something more sophisticated, try them on toast with soft cheese and tomato jam: pairing the savoury anchovies with the sweetness of the tomato jam, creates a perfect combo!


Pulses undoubtedly play a leading role in autumnal cuisine. In this food group we find a gem of Cantabrian cuisine: a red bean known locally as carico, typical of the mountain region. This is a highly prized variety owing to its limited production and exceptional quality. Try caricos with chorizo and morcilla (blood sausage) for an autumn headliner dish.

Among the typical pulses of Cantabria, white beans must get a mention, used to make cocido montañés, one the of the most iconic dishes of Cantabrian cuisine. The main ingredients of this stew, which are served all together, are white beans, cabbage, blood sausage, chorizo, bacon and paprika. This tasty and hearty recipe is ideal for the mountain climate.

cocido montañes cantabria


So, if you’ve tried the anchovies and the stew, I hope you’ve left a little room for a delicious dessert. Completing the traditional autumn menu, try a delicious quesada.

quesada cantabria

Quesada is a traditional dessert from Cantabria’s Valles Pasiegos. Similar to flan made with soured milk, butter, wheat flour, egg, sugar, grated lemon and ground cinnamon. It’s a simple, but very tasty and highly nutritious dessert, perfect for rounding off an autumn lunch or dinner, ideally in front of a good fire.

And to prolong the after-dinner conversation with family or friends in front of the fire, there’s nothing like a good Liébana Valley Orujo pomace brandy or a té del puerto, a traditional hot tea from the Liébana district, made from a plant with stimulating and digestive properties that grows high up in the mountains.

So, what do you think of our recommendations? If they’ve tempted you, book your autumn trip to Cantabria now and experience its spectacular landscapes and its cuisine for yourself!

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