The five most beautiful towns and villages in Cantabria

The five most beautiful towns and villages in Cantabria

The Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain includes 79 towns across the country, five of which are in Cantabria: Liérganes, Santillana del Mar, Bárcena Mayor, Potes and Carmona. Let’s find out more about them!


This town in the heart of Valles Pasiegos has been declared a site of National Historic and Artistic Interest thanks to its rich classical architecture, which resulted from the economic upturn that artillery production brought about in the area in the 17th and 18th centuries.

There are four musts when you visit Liérganes: discovering the legend of the fish man, strolling through the streets, visiting the Fluviarium and trying the famous churros with chocolate on the terraces overlooking the river.

Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar is without doubt one of the most historically and artistically significant places in Spain, so much so that everything there is a monument, making it an unmissable stop for any traveller.

You can’t talk about Santillana del Mar without mentioning the Cave of Altamira. Described as the Sistine Chapel of rock art, the cave probably contains the most famous prehistoric paintings in the world.

Bárcena Mayor

This rustic town in the heart of the Saja nature reserve is the perfect place for mountain lovers and foodies. Here you can try authentic mountain stew and many other culinary delights.

When its balconies are brimming with flowers in spring, your walk along the alleyways will be an experience you will never forget.


This village is one of the most attractive in Cantabria thanks to its location in the centre of the district of Liébana. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, with the Picos de Europa mountain range as a backdrop, Potes is known as the Village of Bridges – which is where it gets its name from – and Towers.

Near to this town lies Santo Toribio de Liébana Monastery, the destination for pilgrims travelling on the Camino Lebaniego, a route that begins in San Vicente de la Barquera and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Arriving in the Nansa valley and soaking up the scenery is an experience you will never forget. When you arrive in Carmona, it is a real delight walking through its streets and taking photos of the typical houses with their balconies.

Come to Cantabria and enjoy five of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

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