Sardinia, a land of flavours

Sardinia, a land of flavours

When we talk about Sardinia, we tend to think about its wonderful sea, the little coves nestling between majestic cliffs and charming marine landscapes, as well as its wild and unspoiled nature. But I can assure you that there’s a whole lot more to Sardinia.

Home to a simple but distinctive tradition of food and wine, Sardinia owes the authenticity of its produce to its sunny climes and unspoiled nature, capable of giving our products from the land and sea some unique and genuine flavours, and of amazing me every time as if it were the first. 

When I close my eyes and start to savour Sardinian delicacies, the powerful yet subtle flavours of the dishes take me back in time, to when I was a little girl and my grandmother would cook for the whole family. I feel as if I’m tasting the story of my land. 

pasta fresca sardegna

The quality of the produce, the preparation and the flavour of the dishes have a value that goes beyond goodness and they tell the story of a land and a cuisine that has remained similar for centuries.

culurgiones sardegna

Sardinia’s food and wine is an experience to be enjoyed at least once in your life; start with the bread and the fresh and dried pasta, then move on to the second course, such as roast suckling pig and lamb, or sheep boiled Sardinian style, followed by pecorino cheese, all accompanied by excellent local wines such as Vermentino (Gallura), Torbato and Cagnulari (Alghero) and Cannonau (Ogliastra and Nuorese).

vino sardegna

Finish it all off with something sweet, typical delicacies that are true works of art: amaretti, pabassini, bianchini, ciambelle and many more.

dolci tipici sardegna

Even the most discerning palates are sure to fall in love with Sardinian cuisine, trust me!

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