Design & Fly : meeting with an artist from Nantes

Design & Fly : meeting with an artist from Nantes

For the third and last month, the competition “Design And Fly” ends its journey in the beautiful city of Nantes this July in collaboration with Show Us Your Type (

Among all participants, a winner be chosen for the best and most creative poster and will be awarded 2 roundtrip tickets to Nantes!

So what better way to end the competition than with the talented Philippe Nicolas ( ) based in Nantes? Check the interview done with him!

  1. What made you want to become a graphic designer?

First, it was to create something by myself, the feeling to create from scratch and find my specialty in a visual tradition…

Currently, I like collaborating with others in different fields and adapt my design to new challenges. I love the diversity in my job that allows me to update my knowledge every day.

  1. Describe your approach to design briefs

I start every single project with the same mantra: “Everything I know…I don’t know anything about it”. With this method, I’m able to be completely open to share, integrate, and assimilate in order to clearly understand the design needs.

  1. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I had a chance to teach in different design schools, where my students are my main inspiration especially whenever we launch a new project. In addition, I love looking around in online blogs or online magazines and I have a huge collection of art and design books…I’m a little obsessed by that…

  1. What type of project do you enjoy working on the most?

Like I previously explained, I really enjoy the diversity in my job and working differently on each subject. The great challenge of finding new solutions every time is the ideal way not to be lazy while working on the project.

I also love to work with open minded people, who understand that in design, we need to try multiple times before finding the perfect creation. With this way, I am able to work for any type of field or client.

  1. Which designers inspire you right now?

I have a bold and minimalistic approach so I’m really inspire by many from the early XXe century such as the streamline style and Plakatstil. Some of my masters include: Cassandre, Hans Rudi Erdt, Beggarstaffs Brothers, René Gruau… and many others.

Furthermore, I am a fan of Pop psychedelic Style, Memphis Style and the op art. Some of my masters are Kiyoshi Awazu, Tadanori Yokoo, Wes Wilson… and so many others again

  1. How does Nantes inspire the work coming out of your studio?

It is a truly a great place to work! Nantes is located close to the sea, it is completely green and possesses a great cultural activity and a rich history.

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