Maika Makovski, our Local Hero from the Balearic Islands

Maika Makovski, our Local Hero from the Balearic Islands

Are you planning to travel to the Balearic Islands? Explore them before you go with the playlist we’ve prepared personally for your trip; it will spirit you away to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean in the blink of an eye.

Singer Maika Makovski’s compositions are inspired by her island. She breathes in the ocean air while enjoying seafood in Portocolom and strolls around Esporles listening to her songs. Who better to ask for some recommendations and about where to lose yourself in these islands?

Hello Maika, how would you introduce yourself to Volotea passengers who don’t know you?

Hope you’re having a good flight, everyone, I’m Maika and I write songs that I record, and I go on tour. I present La Hora Musa on the La2 music channel, I’ve released seven albums and, above all, I love to take on a good challenge.

Do you think Mallorca has influenced your music in any way?

Mallorca helps me to compose. I’m far away from Palma so I don’t have any distractions. The tranquility I have there helps me to organise my experiences and transform them into songs.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just booked a flight to the Balearic Islands but doesn’t know where to start?

Let your pulse slow to the rhythm of the islands and go with the flow. Not everywhere lets you be so carefree, make the most of it!

Which museums or galleries are totally unmissable?

I studied fine art so I really like visiting the CaixaForum to see Anglada-Camarasa’s brilliant works again.

Which are your favourite three places for eating and drinking in Mallorca?

I enjoy the breakfast at Mama Carmen’s in Santa Catalina (Palma), the fish at Sa Sínia in Portocolom, the views and the cuisine at Es Mirador de Monnaber in Campanet…

Where would you go to listen to live music or dance?

I went to my first concerts in the Auditorium, so sitting in its seats and enjoying a concert there is always a pleasure. The Teatre de Lloseta is a magnificent option too.

Which event in Mallorca wouldn’t you miss for the world this year?

Mallorca Live! And, in fact, I’m not going to miss it, because I’ll be there this year, playing with my secret band: The Mani-las!

If you wanted to take a morning or evening stroll, where would you head to?

There are incredible walks in Esporles, so I’d head there!

Which beaches are at the top of your favourites list?

The Colonia de Sant Jordi beaches, which still have virgin sands thanks to s’Avall. We all know that if it were up to the people who grant construction permits, they’d be ruined, like so many others.

If you had to buy local design, crafts or clothing, which shops would you go to?

Artesanía textil Bujosa in Santa Maria del Camí. They’ve been making fabrics using 100% artisan techniques since 1949 (even the colours are hand-made), preserving the tradition and making our exquisite “telas de lenguas” fabric, along with other beautiful, natural fabrics.

Which other Volotea destination would you like to visit and why?

My father is from Yugoslavia (that’s where he was born, it no longer exists), so I’d go to Dubrovnik. I’ve been there before but I always feel that the area (and its people) has so much heart, you can visit over and over and it’s always got more to offer.

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