Alfa, our Local Hero from Northern Italy

Alfa, our Local Hero from Northern Italy

We know you’re already dreaming of your next trip to Northern Italy, so we’ve prepared this playlist, a compilation of current and classic tracks from local artists.

We asked for local artist, Alfa’s, favourite places. A good dinner by the sea, strolling amongst the paintings at the Palacio Ducal and finishing off by enjoying an evening at Porto Antico, are undeniably perfect things to do in the capital of La Liguria.

Hi Alfa, could you briefly introduce yourself to Volotea readers?

My name is Andrea, I‘m 18, I’m attending last year of classical studies in high school (Latin and Ancient Greek) and I make pop/rap Italian music. I‘ve played guitar and piano and sung since I was 7.

Does living in Genoa influence the music you make?

Definitely: some of the most important Italian singers and groups were born in Genoa, like Fabrizio De Andrè, Gino Paoli, Ivano Fossati, Luigi Tenco, Ricchi E Poveri, Ex-Otago, Tedua and Izi. For instance, I wrote my best songs in the early morning in a beach near my house, in front of the sea.

What would you recommend to someone who just booked a flight to northwest Italy but doesn’t know where to start?

A good place to start from is Milan: the area is filled with lots of shops, people, different activities; you are going to have fun there, for sure. If you wish, of course, Genoa will always welcome you with some stunning sceneries of our orange setting sun in the evening. Also places like Portofino, Bogliasco and Camaldoli are beautiful.

Which museums or art galleries are not to be missed?

Here in the city centre, inside Palazzo Ducale (which was the Doge’s Palace, basically) there are several galleries almost all the time: last one was about the main artworks from Impressionism to Pop Art. They’re really neat if you’re interested.

Also don’t miss Galata Museo Del Mare, it’s very interesting!

What are your top 3 places to eat and/or drink in Genoa?

If you visit Genoa you have to check out Masetto, an amazing sandwich shop in downtown. Il Galeone is another place I love to spend my spare time with friends, there you can have a drink facing the sea; it’s located in Priaruggia, in the east of the city. Finally Capricci , in Sturla, near the sea, is one of my favourite restaurants, there you can taste the best meat of Genoa.

Where is the best place to listen to live music or go clubbing in the city?

The clubs I usually go to and party at are: Mako, Sys, Casa Mia and Estoril, a couple of these are also next to the seaside. We also have lots of theatres (for example Carlo Felice, Politeama Genovese and Teatro della Tosse) and clubs (like Crazy Bull) where you can listen to live music.

Do you have any favourite record stores or flea markets?

I recommend Papillon, a vintage shop in the downtown, where you can buy incredible and unusual clothes and also La Feltrinelli, the biggest record store in Genoa, where sometimes artists come to meet their fans.

Which event shouldn’t we be snoozing on this year?

I’m looking forward to go to Macklemore’s concert here in Italy this year. He’s one of my all-time favourite artists and I actually got to meet him once, here in Genoa.

Where would you go for a morning or early evening walk? Any nice beach spots around?

Corso Italia is a beautiful long street near the sea and a lot of beaches. There you can go for a walk, sit in front of the sun, play volleyball in the beaches, swim and cycle. This street will amaze you, both in the morning and in the evening.

If you had to shop local design, craftwork or fashion; which stores would you go to?

There are so many shops in Genoa. My advice is to go for a walk in Via Venti Settembre, Via San Vincenzo and Via Roma. These are the streets with the best stores in the city. There you will find what you are looking for!

What other Volotea destination would you most like to visit (and why?)?

I’d really like to visit Santorini, I’ve never been there but i was amazed the first time I saw some photos of this beautiful island.

Maybe this summer I will book a Volotea flight to Santorini, it would be amazing!

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